Kendrick Lamar shams female fan for rapping to his lyrics

Only the white race can be a racist. Only the white race has privilege. This is a cultural divide that has been artificially created by hate and by guilt. I don’t hang my hat on either. I more side with what a fellow American once said after being beaten severely by the police, “can’t we all just get along”?

It’s common sense. You’re at a rap show where most of your fellow patrons are black. No one should use it but she said it in the dumbest location possible.

I have a strong dislike of white guilt. White people have nothing to feel guilty for.

That sounds pretty mean of him, and the crowd. I wasn’t a fan before but I’ll be an “anti” now. ■■■■ Lamar.

It was stillborn years before that.

Eh. I like the old stuff. NWA, Cube and Dre’s solo work, Tupac, Biggie, Classic Snoop, Public Enemy, OutKast, etc.

It was a hugely innovative genre in its first decade and a half on the scene.

When I was an angry teenager classic hip hop and thrash metal (like 80s Metallica) were my two favorite genres. Since then I’ve migrated to prog rock and classic rock and stayed there ever since.

Yes they do. If you like Yes, Tool, Pink Floyd, Rush, Metallica, with a bit of Neil Young mixed in…you would like their stuff.

it’s her dumb ass fault… she should have known better… she shot her shot and failed…

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“She should have known better” how?

dont rap the damn n word… its not that hard…

Maybe the dumb ass would be the individual who invited her up on stage to rap with him but didn’t tell her that she couldn’t speak his racist lyrics?

how is he a dumb ass… i can rap “my mind is playing tricks on me” by the Geto boys without saying one curse word in front of my kids… again she was a dumb ass for saying the n word

I have to disagree. She was invited to sing the song he wrote. There is a time and place for self-censorship. That language should not be use in the office or on the street, but this was a concert and the words she was singing were his. If he does not approve of white people using certain words, perhaps he should abstain from singing them himself.

Why is the author not a dumb ass for using the “n” word?

because it’s OUR word now… just like Italians call each other slurs… Irish call each other slurs… its a double standard i get that but life sucks oh well C’est la vie

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In my world, there’s no such thing as a double standard. It’s…do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Your way incites hate, not love and works against all races living as e pluribus Unum. Maybe you’re on to something here? Could this be a part of the problem that incites the very hate that the BLM marches against?

what in the entire ■■■■ are you talking about? who the hell mentioned BLM? life is full of double standards so you are not telling the truth… i bid you a good day

Hence why I said Kendrick should have told her before she started not to use the word. He has blame here too.

Artificially created? So hundreds of years of slavery wasn’t real?

It was real, many, many generations ago. At one time, the Romans ruled the world. Do you speak Italian today?