Kendrick Lamar shams female fan for rapping to his lyrics

I saw this story, and I have to rant about it.

Recently in Alabama, award-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar asked an audience member to come on stage and rap with him to one of his songs. The participate was a young white woman. During the song, the audience kept on booing her and midway through, Lamar asked her what she was doing. Her response was (paraphasing): “I am rapping to your song. Am I not cool enough for you?” Lamar responded by saying, “you cannot say one word”. Obviously that word was the n-word.

Here’s my big beef:

This drives me up the wall. Lamar’s song is laced with the n-word. He asked her to rap to his song. It’s not her fault that Lamar never made the instructions clear enough or wanted to limit what she can and cannot say.

But the bigger issue here is obvious the double standard and reverse racism. Why is it wrong for the young white woman to use the n-word, but okay for Lamar to use it and call people “crackers”? The young white woman was not responsible for slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, or the G.I Bill.

As far as I can see, you either say everybody can use the n-word or nobody uses it. I prefer the latter. You cannot logically punish people for crimes they never committed. You especially cannot hold a grudge against people for performing a task you asked for and then get upset when they perform that task.

I guess this is yet another example of liberal America using identity politics to discriminate.

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Who the hell is Kendrink Lamar?


I’ll let black people do what they want with that word and I will respectfully not use it because I know how white people used that word to dehumanize black people and I see no reason to become outraged about it.

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You guys go to any length to be outraged and blame liberals. I mean who the hell cares what he does? I don’t like him. I ignore him. He has no impact on my life. Done and done.

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I don’t know who this rapper is, but that was pretty damned stupid of him to invite her up to sing that particular song if that was how he was going to react.

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He’s apparently the new Tupac or something.

I’ll admit I don’t keep up with rap music much anymore. It sorta died after the early 2000s.

All kinds of music died after the year 2000.


We’re having this discussion in 2018? Really?

First, Kendrick should have said something to the woman before she started. That’s on him. Second, the woman should known better. And yes, by that I mean, white people should not use that word. Ever. Like, ever.

Obviously the Kendrick guy was creating a setup that would get him publicity. Since here we are and I am hearing his name for the first time, I would say it worked.

Yeah she should have known better. That was just a dumb move. That’s the equivalent of a black woman going on stage and singing about “white trash.” Even if it’s in the lyrics it’s just dumb.

Kendrick Lamar is still a ■■■■ for putting her in that situation, though.

It’s called rap now. Onlyb old folks call rap music. There hasn’t been music added to it in a long time. :grin:

Here is a song, that highlights your point. Lyrics are included on the video.

(It’s a damn good song as well…from one of my favorite bands.)

Yes Sham on him for doing this. Slammed her but good…

You guys haven’t heard of Kendrick Lamar?!

Okey dokey then.

He won a Pulitzer.

You’re so uncultured.

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Very good song, they sound a bit like Tool.

Why does skin pigment dictate which words people can use?

The implication here is that this generation is responsible for Jim Crow, the G.I Bill, and slavery.

I say don’t use the word PERIOD. Nobody uses it. I don’t care about your skin pigment. Don’t use the n-word. Don’t use the word “tranny”. Don’t use the word retard. Don’t use the word cracker to describe a white person. Don’t use the c-word to describe Chinese or Asian people.

It’s a big deal here. Lamar constantly uses racial slurs in his songs, and then gets triggered when someone of another pigment reiterates his own words when asked.

It shows low character for Lamar Kendrick.

Here’s my only problem with that statement: White America (I hate saying that, but…) is told never to use it in everyday language. But we were never instructed to beep out the n-word when singing or rapping to a song. It’s a vastly different context to what we were so-called instructed.

I first heard about Lamar from a co-worker. He was listening to his music on his phone/IPOD. I asked him one day what he was listening to, and he said Kendrick Lamar and I had a blank face on who he was.