Kavanaugh - Again Unbelievable

You should leave for another 8 months, come back and really see the place!

Are you saying Trump made him do it?

Do you have an opinion on Democrat Naddler’s request re SC Justice Kavanaugh?


It’s all theater. There’s nothing Nadler can hold over any of the Justices’ heads.

It is interesting to watch you jump to the defense of SCOTUS, though.

Pearl clutching is this thread.
Nothing is going to happen to Brett.

Keep clutching…

Good grief, why is that always the assumption?

Donald isn’t capable of masterminding a two car funeral. But he does exhibit a basic low cunning that allows him to exploit the worst instincts in people for personal gain. One of the fun side effects of that is his example does legitimize and encourage the behavior in others.

But no, he’s just an especially noxious symptom of an ugly zeitgeist. And we made him POTUS. If this ■■■■ is anyone’s fault, it’s ours.


Sorry, just saw the second question. Nadler’s an idiot chasing a car he’ll never catch. But if his objective was to trigger people and generate PR for himself? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

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I vote for mean girls.

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I love the defending.

I wonder, what if it were a republican.

They have to keep the crazies engaged somehow. Impeachment 287.0 isn’t ready to launch til September.

Who’s defending?

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Not really much left after “Russia” fell through. Oh, the die hards bring it up every now and then but even they don’t have any heart left in it.

Who’s got something to hide?

I was promised impeachment and a perp walk.

Once again the dimocrats disappoint.

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They’ve declared war on us.

Got melodrama?

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He’ll pick him for the replacement of the next male justice.

And Amy Coney Barrett for replacement of the next female justice.

Hahahahahaha. Oh man. Too good.

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Sounds like a plan.

Liberal Lion RBG! I like it!

This is a pointless endeavor he is on the bench, liberal lost time to forces on 2020 and replacing the two 80 + year old justices.