Kavanaugh - Again Unbelievable

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Nadler’s request came days after a liberal lion of the high court, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, defended Kavanaugh as a “very decent, very smart individual,” and long after progressive activists have largely moved on to other matters.

After they showed their ass. Makes the little note to the SCOTUS from the Senators a little clearer now doesn’t?

The left has lost their rabbit-assed minds. They think they can extort a sitting SCOTUS justice.


The left basically declared war on SCOTUS.

It’s not war, it’s thuggery. Just common-assed criminals. Or spiteful little girls.


Welcome to politics of 2019. Glad you could join us.

Jerry “Nads” has really stepped in it now. These nine black robes will stick together and come down on “Nads” like a ton of bricks.
This should be fun.

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You defending “ephors” eh? Okay then I guess.

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Any successful effort to remove Kavanaugh from the bench would require a two-thirds vote of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

This plus Ginsberg = game over.

Nice reference, well played.

They don’t want him off the bench.

1 guy does thing.

“THEY THEY THEY THEY THEY THEY” coming from the one side of the mouth with

“DON’T BROADBRUSH” from the opposite side




The left, or Nadler? The linked article isn’t clear he has much support for this move, indeed it even suggests others have moved on to other issues.

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Trump messed up, he should have put Kethledge on there.

He may as well have picked a name from a hat. He basically did. He didn’t pick Kav for any reason other than “He’s young and will stick it to libs for a long time.” That was the most important requirement.

Nadler doesn’t wind his ■■■■■■■ watch without Pelosi’s permission.

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Roberts doesn’t like it when people mess with the court. And he’s taken Kavanaugh under his wing.

I leave for eight months and this whole place loses its ■■■■■■■ mind.


I wonder how independent voters will view Democrat Chairman Jerry Naddler’s actions against a sitting SC judge.

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On the flip side, it didn’t take 8 months to figure that out. :wink: It is pretty obvious.

Our POTUS is the carnival barker for the Age of Idiocy. And no one of note seems willing to do much more than roll in the ■■■■ with him.