Kapernick to be resigned with the NFL in the following week

You heard it here first folks. Raiders or Patriots will be signing Colin Kap in the next week.

Hope he has been keeping up on the training, very hard to get in game shape at this point in the season with no camp.

Im sure he is fit but his mental game. Reading defense and seeing recievers and making adjustments, well it would be worthy of a Hollyweird movie if he could at his age.

Awesome! Hopefully it’s the Raidahs who end up signing him.

Oh wouldn’t that be hilarious. Bet you he will still be kneeling, and it gonna hack the snowflakes off, and they will make sure to come here and tell everyone they STILL are not watching the NFL!

I’ll believe it when I see it because it would be an idiotic move for any team. Regardless of what you think of his protests it would be a nuclear media circus that no team and coach is going to want to put up with midseason. The Patriots are especially amusing because can you even imagine grumpy Belichick facing reporters with a million questions about Kaepernick. He got sick of it with Tim Tebow and that would be a minor distraction compared to this.

Then there is the owner / fan side. Do you think any owner is going to want to risk money on a guy who is going to cost his team fans and dollars. The majority of those who support Kaepernick aren’t fans, they are SJW’s who don’t watch football anyway.

Lastly it comes down to talent and Kaepernick wasn’t good enough when he was still playing let alone now after years away from the game. He went 1-11 his last year playing and threw for a whopping 5 yards through three quarters before getting benched for Blaine Gabbert. He was always a gimmick QB (read option) that struggled once defenses figured out how to negate the read option.

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Guess how much your opinion matters?

BTW I don’t think you have any clue as to the lack of other talent on the 49’ers team the last 2 years he was there. In case you forgot he took them to the Super Bowl 3 years before that and they released a number of really good players into free agency after that.

Regarding this issue, Nike proved your opinion doesn’t matter.

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Ouch, that left a mark.

That’s because the read option had made its way from college to pro at that time and defenses struggled with it at first. Once they figured it out and designed defensive plays to counter it they made it less effective and offenses have slowly moved away from it.

The only team Kap would fit in at is Carolina. And they don’t need Kap. Cam Newton is a superior read option QB to Kap in every single metric.

Granted the lack of talent at SF didn’t help Kap any his last two years there. But ultimately his style and technique isn’t suited for most NFL offenses. Outside of Carolina but like I said earlier Cam is basically a better version of Kaepernick. So he isn’t necessary and they aren’t going to put up with the media scrutiny.

For every fan a team loses for signing Kaepernick, they’ll pick up five more who are not angry because an American citizen chooses to exercise his right of peaceful protest. Whoever signs him, I’ll become a fan and start watching them play.

But maybe they’ll be mad because he called cops pigs. Exacerbating the problem regarding cops and the black community instead of trying to solve it.

I know that’s what Fox News told you, but try thinking for yourself. He never said all cops are pigs. But if you dont think that some cops brutalize some minority communities, then you’re a lost cause anyway. Dont let a pair of socks cloud your rationality.

Nike’s signing him had nothing to do with his playing ability.

How does his opinion “exacerbate the problem”?

No one said otherwise.

Apocalypto’s quote was in response to another posters critique of Kapernick’s playing ability. Seems like there was a referencing of his ability.

Are they signing him for the kneeling or because he is a good QB? I really haven’t followed the situation because I don’t watch football so was curious.

There’s talk of a collusion law suit against the NFL owners so it’s hard to tell.

He’s got the potential to be a decent backup for someone.

The issue originally is that he was demanding way more money than he was worth. Hopefully with his new Nike endorsement he brought his demands down to a more reasonable sum.