Kanye takes off the MAGA hat

Damnit. I was hoping to at least see a ■■■■ show of a Presidential run out of this.

So much for Blexit’s golden boy. Candace will have to try and find another way to make a buck I guess.

So he is back form the Sunken place?

Entertainment value aside, I honestly hope that guy gets his ■■■■ together and starts taking his meds.

Though I suspect he’ll be back to his weird shenanigans pretty quick.

Well there goes the cons great black hope… don’t worry there will be another that they cling to

Started taking his meds again I guess?


He called Candace out in another tweet saying she used him.

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Really do hope so, looked pretty manic to me.


Ohhh missed that one.

Dumpster Donnies going to have to call him a funny name on Twitter, now.


The whole celebrity thing messes with your mind, people like Kenya are never told anything other then “Your right and Yes” so Kenya start having some fringe ideas and these people pray on him like coyotes…

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Never assume the Kanye Krazy is exhausted.


I used to really respect Kanye. But after a stunt like this, he’s really made me question his judgement.


Agreed. Having been around different disorders like his, a structured regiment is vital for stability. It’s unfortunate that so many around him will gladly ride his fame coattails rather than help him for the betterment of him as a person.

Seems like half the struggle with bipolar disorder is their staying medicated.

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At a minimum. There are a bevy of other things as well, but working out a chemical balance does wonders for this disorder.

The whole Trump/Kanye bromance was cringe inducing…two bumbling idiots kissing up to each other

This is hilarious.


Wooow Ben Carson?! Yes he is definitely a better vessel than Kanye. :joy::joy: