Kamala Harris must live in a Bubble

She drops by an Venezuelan restaurant in Florida and expected a good reception because they were hispanic. What kind of bubble does she live in. Is she unaware that leftists have completely destroyed that country and places like Portland are having riots by the same type of uneducated Marxist thugs that gave them Tyranny and poverty in Venezuela.


First I saw this little nugget.

I am no fan of treating people this way. The comparison to the treatment of Sarah Sanders was an appropriate juxtaposition for the reaction by people who know the horror of socialist promises vs reality.

I hope we get over this public shaming phase quickly.

I don’t see the Harris campaign just dropping in anywhere again.


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I don’t think they yelled her out of the restaurant like democrats would. They just complained to the owner…

She’s got to be the most insensitive candidate in history, or is an ignorant fool.

How can you be running for VP and not know what’s happening in Venezuela?

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All Latinos are the same…izkamalarite? :sunglasses:

They were much more dignified in their opposition.

The red flag of socialism is the reliance on promises over results.

Evidence in hand…Cuba…Venezuela…and every other place the promises are made.

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Some of both plus a huge dose of Arrogance.

Pretty much what Biden said.


So that video quoted noted Twitter user “catturd”, also a favorite of our president. What’s up with that?

Perhaps you’d like this source better…

Ah, so Doral trumpers are threatening to boycott the restaurant on Facebook. Cancel culture warriors much?

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Similar to my grand parents. They were young during the Spanish civil war. They came to America and were life long republicans.

The people who go there were traumatized by the horrors of leftism in Venezuela. Starvation, crime, violence and Tyranny! Kammy (pronounced Kommy) has no empathy or is ignorant of world events


Not seeing it and I think the board’s comments are being juxtaposed with the tweets.

Seems to me the board didn’t want any politics and the tweets blamed it on socialism.

Two different things.

The board may just not want their restaurants boycotted or burned because of perception of support.

They are probably hanging on by a thread.

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They see them as Latinos. Seen one, seen them all. It doesn’t always work that way.

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The restaurant looked packed and I didn’t think Florida closed anything.

Seen their books?



Well, I watched the video. Did you? Seems to me they had a good reception. What in the video makes you think otherwise?

Concerning the owner, I get the distinct impression that he had no issue with Harris personally, but rather prefers to avoid any of the political-related brouhaha. Why? Because that’s what he said in the video. He said he wasn’t even aware she was there until he was looking thru FB comments… and then noticed all the nasty comments. Where’d those nasty comments come from you think? You know, the boycott ones and what not. Funny right? The party that is supposedly against cancel culture just can’t help themselves for calling on boycotts day after day. I’d say that’s hypocrisy at it’s finest, but then again, hypocrisy would require at least some consistency in principles…

And so here is the counterpoint

“One of the diners who spoke with Harris, Venezuelan Carlos Andrade, 40, told a member of the press pool that he was “super excited” to see the senator. “We were hopeless and Biden is the solution for the country. Many of the people who have lived in this country for many years, we are not supporting Trump,” Andrade was quoted as saying in Spanish.”

And the trump supporter gets in the news too.

“Harris was inside the restaurant for about five minutes. As she got into her car afterward, a woman holding a pro-Trump sign stood in the parking lot, shouting. The woman, who identified herself as Mariela Jiménez, told reporters that "Kamala Harris represents communism and socialism”

Can you imagine trump going to this restaurant and ordering takeout?


In reality the restaurant in question didn’t want to get involved in politics and this has nothing to do with Portland or Marxists. But, hey, your version is more exciting.

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