Kamala Harris is trying to obstruct justice

Please, please, please, Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow, etc. please bring obstruction of justice charges against Kamala Harris and all the others who are trying to prevent the investigation of whether there was real criminal activity on the part of numerous perpetrators the democrats are trying to protect. Their crimes are real, not the fake crimes they tried to overthrow the President with for over two years.

Keep in mind there are two standards, one for libs and another one for us that belongs in basket of deplorables. :wink:

If you keep looking you will find more…until lbs start holding themselves to same standards they demand everyone else.

Don’t like it…there is new forum function you can try out. :wink:

Aw, such a victim…always a victim.

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Too Funny! :rofl:

My interpretation would be intellectually lazy. But then, it looks like someone has your back.

There is a whole list of people who need to be investigated and put on jail. First most on the list is Hillary Clinton. James Comey, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, Eric Holder, and so many more. I have confidence though, with Bob Barr as AG the wheels of justice will soon be turning.

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So what exactly has she done in her official capacity to deter investigation? Give me something I can sink my teeth into, that is a serious charge. No empty platitudes please.

You forgot to mention Loretta Lynch. According to the CEC, she needs to be charged and put in jail along with most of the others you mentioned.

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What’s the point in wasting money to investigate when we could put them in jail now?

I think every democrat who announces they are running for president should be jailed since trying to win the presidency from Trump is illegal. Or should be.


‘‘According to the CEC’’ everybody that served in the Obama admin. should be in jail. That Bag of Deplorables is an easily manipulates bunch.

I keep chuckling at this stuff, it’s become such an existential lust.

Not gonna happen.


Fake News.

I can’t figure out why they think post here will do anything. :thinking:

Don’t forget everyone here who has TDS.

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Her statement that Barr “should not act as the Presidents henchman” could be seen as an attempt to intimidate Barr from investigating the illegal leaks and possible other corrupt activity that may have occurred in the leadership of the FBI under Obama…similar to the way that President Trumps asking Comey if he could go easy on Flynn might be viewed as an attempt to change his investigation.
As Mueller explained, it depends on whether there is a corrupt intent.
Clearly Camala is on thin ice here, using the standards some read into the Mueller report. Is she trying to use her position to stop an investigation? If so, is there corrupt intent?

I see your point but it could also be a simple warning to keep it on the straight and narrow, and such warning would not be without justification.

Perception, or suspicion, is not enough, there needs to be actionable evidence. Hell the Mueller report contained ten instances of Trump trying to influence underlings to obstruct justice, that ain’t small potatoes. Should that be “prosecuted”?

Why would the president’s personal lawyer be able to bring up criminal charges? Honestly, people would be better served if they understood basic government functions.

That goes for you to.
Anyone can report what they believe to be a federal crime by calling the FBI.

Which begs the question, why don’t all those people on this forum and others who claim that H. Clinton committed crimes call the FBI and report her with their evidence?

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How do you know they haven’t?