Kamala Harris calls for all Americans to "end up at the same place"

I understand that when conservatives shout “Marxist” it tends to elicit giggles and derision from the left, but here’s the Democratic VP candidate actually calling for equal outcomes. It’s a shame that Trump’s personality is so damn repugnant that most people don’t care what policies that the Democratic Party are actually advocating for.

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place”

You completely ignored her “equal footing” statement. Why is that?

is a revolutionary ideology. Not something that works inside the government.

Equity is a weird idea. I understand wanting to provide services for Americans to increase economic output, but outcome is not something the government can really control on the micro level.


Why did she feel the need to specify “same place?” That isn’t at all the same concept as equal footing.

I think the idea of “equity” is too vague. She and others need to explain of government policies for “equity” would be.

Actually funding k-12 education and tech schools and colleges might be something, but if they don’t say that, they leave themselves open to political attacks.


It’s a poorly worded tweet that’s only going to fuel conspiracy talk.


I’ll agree with you on this. She needed to be more clear on what equal footing means.

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Just take her seriously not literally…


:+1:t3::wink: There’s that word again. Pops up about as much as “reasonable”.

The interesting thing to me is what it really means. In practice.

She’s right about that.

Of course government can control it.

Equity is not vague at all.

I like the tweet

There is a huge chasm between equality and equity.


Of course you do.

I am on the equality side myself.

So I disagree with Kamala.


Of course she’s a prog and I am a liberal.


Here’s a real life example.

We need 8 techs in NYC ASAP.

My company doesn’t care what kind of person they are.

The only qualification is technical proficiency.

Even age doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except are you qualified to do the job requested.

Salary 100,000+ a year.

Equality not equity.


That isn’t the world that Kamala and the Justice Democrats want.

I am not a justice democrat.

I am a union democrat.

If you can do the job, fine.

If you can’t, hit the bricks.



I could absolutely kiss Kamala Harris for telling the truth, maybe for the first time in her life.

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