Justin Timberlake and Hollywood?

Should Justin Timberlake and those in Hollywood who helped be held accountable for the suffering caused by the Antifa terrorists they bailed out?


Nah they don’t live in the world most of us do and are largely retarded to anything outside their bubble. I don’t fault him for being oblivious to what’s outside the world of gated communities and private jets.

Just because one is an actor or great in sports doesn’t make them a scholar on society.

Or smart.

Why, Care to share?

Many years ago, a guy who retired some time ago…Neil Boortz, went off on a screed on the fact that certain athletes and actors didn’t have college degrees and so had no business criticizing political policy

I felt like pointing out that politicians in both parties all had college degrees - most had several - and that as far as he was concerned all Dems were stupid so what good did their college degrees do them?

And I don’t think Limbaugh ever went to college, or at least he dropped out - yet he’s self-educated and extremely smart.

So while the extremely wealthy - kinda like Trump, eh? - may not know how the other half lives… - I think a lot of people think that athletes were always wealthy when most grew up poor and didn’t get their money til they started playing a game - and same with actors.

So they at least still know how the other half lives, even if they haven’t done it for a while.

Knowing how the other half lives is no excuse to contribute to the suffering of the American people!

Protestors don’t need bail. Rioters and looters are the ones who will benefit from bail.

This thread belongs in trivial pursuits.


Because its antifa that did it.

And the Antifa terrorists!

Are you saying there wasn’t any antifa arrested?

interesting, so Hollywood causing more suffering by bailing out terrorists bores you?

We could easily replace the word actor with politician here.


Paying someone’s bail is not illegal. Stupid maybe, but until they are convicted they have full rights same as anybody.

Or does that only apply to people we approve of?

Antifa is a designated terrorist organization! Giving aid to terrorists is illegal and morally sick!

You are falling for right wing talking points. That is not a legal designation, technically, it is just a statement of opinion. It has no legal teeth, so the Hollywood dweebs did not break any laws. Morally sick or whatever is also not a legal designation. Even scumbags are entitled to the same rights as everyone else, and posting bail is among them.

Clean the spittle off your screen.

Stop defending these sick people who wish harm on the American people.

Hey, I quit supporting the police a long time ago.

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