Justice Ginsburg hospitalized

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has been hospitalized with an infection after suffering from a fever. This could play major in the upcoming election similar 2016.

Will Republican stand by their statement that appointing a Justice during an election is wrong, or will they push fast to replace her if her condition worsen.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to hospital on Tuesday morning for treatment of a possible infection, the court said in a statement.

“The Justice is resting comfortably and will stay in the hospital for a few days to receive intravenous antibiotic treatment,” the court said.

I saw that. Hope she’s okay.

She seems like a tough old bird.


Why do the good always die so young?

Dear Leader would be proud of ya…

She is one tough barrister.

I think she will be around for 5 more years.


if she does step down will republicans demand that no one is seated until after the election?

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Who is “dear leader”? Who are you referring to?

And why are you stating that anyone would be proud of me?

Or are you just addressing me in such a way as to create anger and hatred on the forum?

Why? Unlike the case with obama and the scotus opening in his last year, trump will be president next term. No need to wait.

why would we do that?

I hope she will be okay as well. Gotta give her a lot of credit for hanging in there as she has.


any idiot lefty numbskulls offer her their organs yet?

im thinking big stupid broad leftist activist with the crochet mask. shes lefty genius. alyssa milanho

So what’s your opinion on the situation?

Breaking news might have a major effect on the election.

You have been asked nicely to review the rules and follow them regarding OPs. You are not a reporter to just throw a link up and “Look!”.

Fix it please.

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We’ll handle it, as you can see. Thank you.

My instincts are telling me this is very bad for Ginsburg.

Infections have a habit of being much swifter and more vicious than cancer in older folks. I’ve seen them knock more than one tough old bird off their perch.


Same…infections is not good. Specially in her frail conditions. But again she’s a tough old bird.

Wishing RBG a speedy recovery

If the lady survived pancreas cancer she probably is half immortal, doubt a fever would do her in.

She’s probably dead