Justice Ginsburg hospitalized

McConnell already said he’ll replace a justice of a vacancy happens before November.

One reporter who knows her says that she works hard at keeping herself in great shape.
And I heard a doctor say that from what he knows her doctors were doing the exact correct things.
She has had some rough times lately. I was impressed that the last time she was in the hospital she was working her butt off when her doctors were trying to get her to take it easy.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

As am I.

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I’ll bet they stand by the statement, “elections have consequences”? :sunglasses:

Don’t know will the Democrats push for a fast vote so Trump can quickly fill it like they asked to for Garland? I’m sure they’d love to have Amy Coney Barrett to get a chance for an up and down vote just like they were pushing so quickly for the up and down vote on Garland. A perfect replacement for Ginzburg for about 40 years or so.

She ain’t stepping down til July 2021.

Just has to last til then.


I never like these open discussions of the mortality of a person. They are usually more wrong than right.

It’s been done too much to Ginsberg. Assume she will make it to 110…she just may.

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is hospitalized for an infection. She’s undergoing intravenous antibiotic treatment.
I wish her well.

Already a thread on this.

Ditto. The lady is spunkier than ace reporter Mary Richards and unlike Lou Grant I dig spunk.

Trump won’t be in a hurry to replace her. Having her replacement with a big question mark will be great campaign fodder for him. It’ll get out the conservatives.
Having said that, I hope she pulls through. I disagree with her, but she’s a decent human being.

If the vacancy occurs, he will nominate quickly enough that the nominee can be voted on in the lame duck congress after the election. It’s a double, you get the issue, and you get the nomination.

Hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

She’s tougher than trump could ever hope to be.


Fan mail address:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
US Supreme Court 1 1st St NE Washington, DC 20543





No, she’s at home

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Foiled again, Cons.