Justice Department threatens executive privilege over entire Mueller report

I don’t get it. Barr and Trump and Trump voters have already told us that this report completely exonerates Donald Trump from everything. Why aren’t they using this report as a campaign ad? Why are they trying to bury it?

Is there something about it they don’t like? Is there something in the unredacted version they don’t like? They should be handing out copies and doing high fives again like we saw the second Barr came out with his summary.

Why are they spending energy burying this report when they could be using that same energy to invent Trumpcare?

They don’t want people to actually read the thing.


Four of the top six threads this morning are about…


Good. He should fight them every step of the way from here on out.


Donald Trump appreciates your loyalty.


Last time I heard executive privilege was when Agent Brian Terry was murdered with an Obamagun from Operation Fast and Furious .

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No, the last time you heard executive privilege was in this op. Care to share your opinion on it?

I don’t care what his name is. Dems want to sit on the floor and play with plastic chickens, he should fight them every step of the way.


Let’s not forget the Wag the Dog with Iran.

You act like it was Trump who killed Agent Brian Terry selling gun to Drug Cartels.

If that’s how you feel, but still, Id like to thank you on behalf of Donald Trump for your loyal support.


I could have predicted the “:Trump has nothing to hide…it’s the principle of the matter” defense in my sleep…


Ah…he waived executive privilege but then wants to use it later just a Mueller is about to testify…
The man isnt smart…this wont work

Watching the Committee motion to hold Barr in Contempt of Congress for not responding to subpoena.
Sheila Jackson just said the Prez wants to invoke Executive Privilege over every aspect of every American’s lives?
Huh, what does that mean?

YESSS!! Fight the hell out of em Mr. President!

Would you say that if a Dem was President?

Move the needle.

It might.

Like Holder?

After this? You betcha.