Justice Alito flew an upside down flag as he

Why should he admit it? Because it would make you feel better?

Seriously, what would your reaction be in this thread if he did what you want? Would you move on?

What else would be the reason?

My faith in his impartiality would be restored.

Imagine if Jackson’s home flew a BLM flag at their home prior to the court hearing a case about the summer riots.

Be honest. How would you feel?

But she’s not biased (according to you) so it shouldn’t matter, right?

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Baby murder.

She did. Inside.


It’s only predictable, because it’s repeatable.

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That Jackson voted for biden like we have already always known. That Jackson will vote whichever way the democrat wind is blowing like we have always known. Because the democrat appointed justices don’t believe in the text of constitution. Just like they can’t define what a woman is.

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Simple. Whining is what you libs do.

■■■■■■■■■ You’d find some other reason to dislike him.

I wouldn’t feel anything about that. Honestly. I already know she’s a bleeding heart lib-prog.

Which brings up the point … What did you think Alito’s political proclivities were prior to you learning of this incident? Be honest.


why would anyone feel anyway at all? whether she flies a flag or not we know how she’ll vote


you would have ever had to have any for it to be restored.