Just Say No to Neera Tanden

I want to be clear… I don’t like this behavior from a leader. My issue is Trump supporters pearl clutching over it. Replace “Tanden” with “Trump” and literally nothing changes about the paragraph below.

“Tanden has been widely criticized by her former colleagues as a “very bad leader” of the leftist think tank Center for American Progress and “impossible to trust.” She has had to apologize for numerous scathing tweets disparaging Republicans, and she has deleted more than 1,000 mean tweets since being considered for the role. Even her allies on the left must find it hard to justify her punching a reporter who asked a question she didn’t like (although she said she merely pushed him).”

I didn’t know she punched a reporter.

THAT isn’t good.

Actions my friend…speak louder than words…so I’ll watch…cuz I’ve said my piece.

It was in your link…

What specific positions of hers do you object to?

I missed it.


I’m not sure why a Trump supporter would have a problem with mean tweets.

If y’all want to dispute her policy, have at it. But pearl clutching over mean tweets is hilarious

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That’s a problem.

Then Trump supporters should focus on that. They don’t get to pearl clutch over mean tweets

Sure they do, you did.

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Sure there is. Trump would never of apologized

You feel her apologies were sincere?

I didn’t support it when my favorite Presidental candidate did it. Not the same

You focused on mean tweets and ignored policy. It is the same.

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An insincere apology is still more than Trump issued in 4 years

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:t3: ok then.


Russell Vought Hearts this.

Who do you think you’re possibly going to get that you would be more satisfied with?

Emphasis on equity and progressive budget goals.

Look for health care to get a lot more expensive also.


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