Just Say No to Neera Tanden

While R cannot do much to block the Biden agenda there is ONE nominee that should be rejected.

This OMB nominee needs to be less partisan with less of a vitriolic history.

The Biden administration has similarly used its first few weeks to expand the rule of unelected bureaucrats to workplaces, schools, hospitals, homes, and cars. While presidential directives can often be executed lawfully, the gargantuan agencies of Washington are likely to carry these to their leftist extreme, if allowed or encouraged by their leadership.

For this reason, confirming a leader with a sense of constitutional limits within the Office of Management and Budget, which corrals the agencies, is the last hope for Americans who believe there are some places the federal government cannot go.

The threat to our day-to-day life is tangible. Take, for example, the “Modernizing Regulatory Review” memorandum, issued Jan. 20. The memo reversed five executive orders issued by former President Donald Trump, each concerned with fairness and accountability in the regulatory process and lightening the regulatory load on Americans.

Indeed, Trump’s deregulatory policies provided the average American household an extra $3,100 per year, and provided small businesses certainty about how they could comply with the law.

In place of Trump’s executive orders, Biden directs the not-yet-confirmed director of the Office of Management and Budget to “affirmatively promote regulations” that promote a cadre of undefined values such as “equity” and “the interests of future generations” and to figure out how to “play a more proactive role in partnering with agencies to explore, promote, and undertake regulatory initiatives that are likely to yield significant benefits.”

Biden proposes to place this vast and undefined power with Tanden.

Tanden has also run afoul of the more progressive wing of the D party so there is a chance the Senate could reject her for a more moderate middle road nominee.

Now, go look up what she had to say about Sanders before getting the vapors over “tHe leFt iS tAKiNg oVeR”.

I expected this response to portray her as a moderate D.

She is as frictional as Trump with the Twitter…maybe that is the plan to replace Trump twitter views.

Clinton sycophant too.

Republicans aren’t the only ones who were critical of Tanden’s selection. During the 2016 election, her intense criticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who was then the chief opponent of her former boss Hillary Clinton, earned her a reputation as one of the most visible and outspoken figures willing to needle progressives at a time when many sought to minimize the ongoing Democratic infighting as exaggerated.

After Clinton eventually won the primary but lost the general election to Donald Trump, Tanden focused primarily on Republicans, but still frequently riled up movement progressives by taking on some online fights.

“It’s an odd choice for Biden and his ‘healing’ presidency to bring someone in who is so combative, especially on Twitter, being that we just ended a four-year Twitter presidency,” said Josh Fox, a climate change activist and filmmaker who was a surrogate for Sanders in 2016 and 2020. “She causes ire unnecessarily.”

Her years of toxic rhetoric was exposed over and over and all she could say about it was, “I’m sorry” and expects that to make it all go away. Well I’m sorry too and now actually…go away.

Good thing that position has never been politicized before. Didn’t the last OMB director refuse to allow Biden’s transition team intelligence briefings? Did you complain.

Looks like the poster below disagrees with you about how partisan she is.

From a Trump supporter?

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And they say that conservatives can’t be funny

She had no response other than what I just posted…so now from a Trump hater, please quote her response other than that?

What else is needed other than I’m sorry? That’s a higher standard than Trump and I can’t seem to find any posts from you demanding he should apologize for anything

Thousands of mean tweets.

That is a lot of content.

She must have enjoyed the Bernie mittens ones.

She’s just not being PC. Look at he SJW’s on the right and their cancel culture trying to stifle free speech.


That’s deep…when you live in the shallow end of the pool. :sunglasses:

Which is terrific as perhaps Ambassador to Ukraine.

Not for OMB.

What else is needed? What do you want?

A prog criticizing Sanders is proof of nothing.

…for her to reflect and recognize her inner self and understand that at this time, she’s the wrong person for the job…IF…Biden was sincere in his call for unity? Was he? Will she?

A week without pay.

Why does she need to realize that? Does unity mean “they must be a Trump supporter”?

They are her words, her conclusions all based on her thoughts and they are not what this country needs at this time in that position of authority…especially if Biden truly desires unity? Your response says that even that request for unity…is fake? Is it?