Just say no to Doc Fauci

Fauci has proclaimed that we won’t be getting getting back to normal until next year. Uhm no doc. Keeping mandates in place that have nothing to do with actual science is tyranny. Vaccinations are up, new cases are way down but Biden and Fauci are still screaming doom and gloom. Addicted to lockdown. Currently there are 15 states with no mask mandate. That needs to grow. States need to look at the stats, follow the science and remove the mask mandates when the science supports it… Get your shot, toss your stupid mask. Tell Biden and Fauci to take a flying leap. We’re taking our lives back.


The way I see it, you can either follow the guidelines, or you can gripe about Biden’s response. You can’t (credibly) do both

when you give petty tyrant leftists control they’ll never let it go

i ll wager someone big paypal mask mandates will continue for next two years at least

Dueling threads! Vaccinations are up! No they’re down with no chance of 100M!

Well according to your fellow Con on here…
You can only get one if you know somebody.


Maybe it’s just me but I think I’ll continue to listen to the scientists.

I think people wanted to to hug their families after they got the Rona. My wife got the vaccine, I got the Rona. She had a sore arm. I went through hell. I’d take the shot in a heartbeat.

Me too

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ok dont forget to wear two masks

If that’s what is recommended.

Yes we should look at the stats in FL wait the government wont release them.

Sure. But the way I see it is that Red states will start lifting restrictions and blue ones will not…

i ll take it too if the inept biden admin ever manages to distribute it

of course

the left is never wrong huh?

Didn’t he say he had a plan? Well he’s sure taking his sweet assed time implementing it.


well yeah but that was for his idiot supporters

i was aware enough of reality to know it was utter ■■■■■■■■■

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Ah. Good point. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out.

I’m a Biden supporter.

Over 39 years mask-free in public so far. No need for me to get a vaccine, so better for others to take my place in line. We’ll probably go out to eat while we’re at the lake next weekend since the kids are doing so well in school. :man_shrugging:


< salutes >

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