Just listening to Hannity

Hannity is claiming that 90% of illicit drugs in the US come from our southern border… this is true but he neglects to mention that 90-95% of those drugs come through LEGAL ports of entry. The same is true of illegal aliens. The vast majority come by air and simply over stay their visas. Neither problem will be solved by a wall.


90% of the drugs and 4000 terrorists.

We need to shut down the ports of entry


Humanitarian Crisis!!!

Yes, upgrading our scanning and detecting abilities at the points of entry would be the best way to address the problem. But of course Democrats aren’t against that and it doesn’t excite Trump’s base so we keep going back to the wall.

Forget the humanitarian crisis. Think of all those sweet, sweet drugs, man. What about the drugs?

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The vast majority of illegals do not come by air, its about half of the illegal problem and has been talked about by conservative pundits like our host Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and others along with R politicians for years, its just recently that Democrats and leftists are bringing up this fact which leads me to believe they are pivoting because they are losing the border issue and their racist attacks are no longer a benefit to them since its been so overused.

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The only ones blurring point of entry statistics with illegal crossings is the right, every single statement they make is a falsehood that misrepresents statistics.


@Roxiebelle Illegal border crossings are at 40-year lows.

Without this border wall.

How exactly was that accomplished since we’re told the wall is so so necessary?


who would mow your lawn and take care NOT to lie to your children

Incorrect. Visa overstays are the majority of illegals.

Sorry to bother you with that fact.


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When you make up a crisis you better have some facts that are difficult to debunk. This administration and the CEC keep spewing out “facts” that are so easily being debunked. And the weight of their lies are going to be their demise.

We need walls around the ports of entry.

Nah. The invincibly ignorant will remain so.

Doesn’t matter that a wall would do diddly-squat to stop drugs coming up from the southern border. It’s a fearmongering talking point, and so long as it has traction among the fearful it’s going to be used to keep their resolve up.

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It’s laughable that anyone could think a border wall would stop drugs from coming in the country. Drug dealers are pretty genius in their ways to get around the law.

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We need to stop the stupid insatiable greed for drugs, from dumb Americans.

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Never let facts destroy a good scare story

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What? are you talking about.

I think most will agree that the wall will not solve 100% of the problems. The wall is simply a tool needed by Border Patrol to help regulate the Southern border in order decrease illegal entries to the US. No different than the Airforce needing planes or the Navy needing ships. The only reason the wall is news is because Democrats are afraid it would be a win for Trump. We just spent 15 billion on an aircraft carrier that requires a million plus a day to operate, which was needed however will not replace the entire Naval fleet.