Just listening to Hannity

The essential issue is whether a wall is a cost-effective solution. Choosing a solution without considering its cost-effectiveness is utterly moronic.

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Wow, dealing with the underlying problem and not being fixated by a symptom. What a concept.

Nah, never happen.

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I think you misspelled conservatives.

There are plenty of conservatives, and even a few here, who understand the wall rhetoric for what it is. :wink:

You make such a solid point.

Drug dealers find ways to get their product to the consumers. Whether its spending months digging tunnels, or building secret compartments in vehicles, to other means, the drugs will get to their intended target one way or another.

Exactly. A product that’s easy to make, can be sold at a great profit, and is addicting. Drugs will NEVER go away. Put 1,000 foot wall up; you just created a hot market for airplanes, shipping and you also now will have drug cartel towns popping up on the northern border. It’s just like red light district rezoning. All that does is move the red light district.