Just don't call it open borders


The executive order that Biden issued is for people who have been here over ten years and are married to a citizen.

They are scary people.

What Biden has done to this country is the most egregious betrayal of the American people …

The un American scum Joe Biden has destroyed American sovereignty allowing unvetted aliens from more than 170 countries…he’s sold out the border to the Mexican cartels, gotten 10’s of thousands of Americans killed by fentanyl, has allowed our cities and legal citizens to be overrun by homeless jobless migrants, has cost the American people 100’s of billions of dollars, and his stupid policies have so thoroughly overwhelmed our system that we have no idea who’s coming or why. And Biden and his surrogates have lied to all of us repeatedly…

I don’t see how anything short of mass deportations and a complete sealing of the border will solve the problems he created with a few executive orders undoing everything that was working. The American people have a right to know who’s coming and why. The American government has a responsibility to we the people to manage the border, not to allow a bunch of Mexican drug dealers working alongside the Chinese to get rich off of their human trafficking side gig.


You get all sorts when your immigration policy consists in large part of unvetted illegals.
All you know for sure is that they don’t care much about our laws.


They tried to tell us these people coming illegally are all virtuous asylum seekers.

What’s the statistic…80+ % of asylum claims are denied.

Sadly the Biden crime family has so overwhelmed the system that the invaders aren’t even being scheduled for hearings until the next decade.

Joe Biden is the only president in American history to allow a full fledged invasion of this country. And the people who think they are the smart guys all sit here and tell us how wonderful the invaders are.

Talk about stupid people defending stupid public policy.


Allowing the country to be invaded and then lying repeatedly to the American people isn’t a threat?

Damn dude seek help.


Being married to a citizen and evading INS for ten years is no guarantee that they are not scary people. A lot of scary people are married and live on the dark side of the law. Besides, scary isn’t the criteria. Being here illegally is regardless of their apparent good behavior otherwise.


Blood on Brandon’s hands

12 years-old


Remember “rape culture”

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More Blood…

More destruction created by the democrats and Biden that can never be undone.


Of course they don’t need a wall to keep migrants out, they have a really wide moat. :wink:


The governor of Massachusetts is sending representatives to Texas (San Antonio and several border cities) to tell illegals (or “newcomers” if you are a Democrat) that there is no place to put them in Massachusetts, in spite of their being a sanctuary state. Apparently this is Massachusetts “remain in Texas” policy.
No. This is all the result of Democrats’ policies. Massachusetts is the perfect place for them.


Yes sir. There are 10 others to go along with Mass.

I say, “fill em up”.

These illegal immigrants are eligible for Obamacare after Biden rule change
The HHS rule will go into effect just days before the 2024 presidential election

The timing doesn’t mean anything regarding blatant, political corruption. Biden is the king. Just ask a Brandonite.


It’s the state of Martha’s Vineyard. What did you expect? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

This is from the Constitution.

“ Article IV Relationships Between the States

Section 4 Republican Form of Government
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” https://constitution.congress.gov/browse/article-4/section-4/

“And shall protect each of them from invasion.

10-12 million illegals have entered this country under the incompetent and dishonest leadership of the disgusting Democrat party and the despicable Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas…

I just listened to an interview with the father of an American citizen murdered by an illegal invader. He argues that it’s not enough to impeach that puke Mayorkas…he should be prosecuted for treason.

I agree…


Well now…

Trial had been in NYC or DC, he would be looking at twenty years for defending his property.


I don’t see anyone rioting. News air it every day and that’s it.
Waiting for Nov. ?
Biden will do something now to “fix” the border temporarely and 20 Million of Illegals will stay and vote in 4 y.
Noone who can kick them out will ever WIN again to be able to send them back.
Doesn’t take rocket science to see how it’ll end.

It’s the apathy of the people who can DO something about it NOW that’s a true sad state of afairs.