Just don't call it open borders

lee not racist

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Wonder why?

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We just taught them how to do it. Again…



Come on…maaaaaaaaaaan. The next thing you’re going to tell me is Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to navigate across the US, near military bases and highly sensitive targets?

Why all of us are not united against this incompetent, demented turd is simply another form of TDS.


Biden should have been removed from office a long time ago.

He is the first and only American president to actively allow this country to be invaded and has done nothing about it. If fact, he encouraged the invasion and has facilitated it through his stupid policies.

The man is a disgusting human being.


Somebody wanna tell me how these people are legitimate “asylum seekers”.

"FIRST ON FOX: Chinese nationals are streaming into the U.S. through the porous southern border in record numbers, traveling thousands of miles and through numerous countries to reach America’s doorstep – and, in the process, exposing a migration crisis of global proportions.

There have been more than 22,000 encounters of Chinese nationals at the southern border since Oct. 1, a massive increase from the 2,176 encountered in federal fiscal year 2022 and the 450 encountered in fiscal year 2021.

A 36-year-old man from northern China, who had traveled to Mexico with his wife and twin sons on their way to the U.S., told Fox News that he picked up tips about the arduous journey from Chinese social media apps."


Here comes another caravan.

“ A caravan of over 2,000 migrants is traveling through southern Mexico with assistance from government officials and NGOs… Called the Migrant Way of the Cross, the group set out from Chiapas and is heading toward Mexico City, carrying a large cross to symbolize the hardships of migration….Mexican police are escorting the caravan along roads and controlling traffic as it moves.”

I wonder what their legitimate fear in their home countries is that makes them asylum candidates…

The answer would be…they aren’t.


New Mexico is getting hit harder now!


Here in South Florida it’s becoming Creole. Of course a lot of the construction is out of plumb, square, level and piping is laid with down flow going plus elevation! :rofl:

European countries have made the “migrant” mistake years ago and are reaping the benefits of that debacle.

You would think those in US Goobermint would learn from the consequences others have made?


OBiden has facilitated a reckoning American citizens will likely have to deal with personally.
Me? My hope is that Trump is elected and makes good on his promise to “round them up and begin the biggest deportation in history”. Not sure how he plans on getting that done but I hope he starts with the ChiComs.

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Biden and the lunatic left are doing damage to this country that can never be undone.

I have no idea how a mass deportation would be possible…

But two things are certain.

If Biden and the democrats retain power this nightmare will get worse…

If Trump is elected and begins a much needed deportation of illegals the collective freak out on the left will be massive.

Maybe some Cezar Chavez tactics at the border may help.

After all got him a holiday in leftist controlled CA

Considering OBiden’s open border insanity will bring voters to pull for whatever they believe will rid the country of maybe some of the criminal and social indescribable chaos? Watching the left crap their non-gender panties will be entertaining!
Oh and BTW, FAK ‘em! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Left will always argue for open borders even though they deny wanting it:


The actions/inactions of Biden and Mayorkas have absolutely motivated new processes and attitudes regarding our southern border. States have to enforce what our federal departments have failed to do and the damage done is swaying the mindsets of legal Hispanic citizens.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law allowing police to arrest certain migrants


Number of Hispanic Americans who support border wall, deportation rises as crisis escalates: poll

Four in ten Hispanic Americans (42%) want a wall along the US-Mexico border, an Axios and Ipsos poll released this week found — a 12 percentage point jump from December 2021. Thirty-eight percent also supported sending migrants back to their home countries, up 10 percentage points from three years prior.


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The American people are seeing what an open border looks like and are realizing it’s not the utopia that Dems push.

Yep…and as has been said, if Trump gets elected and begins deportations, I hope nobody gets in the way. This could get ugly very fast if they do?