Just don't call it open borders

Organic intellectuals

I had an uncle who might actually have legitimately been the smartest guy in any room he was in…flew military jets…came home flew commercial planes… I think took advantage of the GI Bill to acquire some land and built a great farming business in Northern California he shipped potatoes all over the world (he would smack me for the amount of time I waste on this forum). Never went to college but when he spoke you listened.

He would describe your “organic intellectuals” as Book Learned Idiots…

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More people died of fentanyl overdose than covid last year.


Should have added for people aged 18-45, sorry.

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That surprises me.

How bout the 46-100 group?

Not even close.


Drug overdose deaths are way up in the United States.


I clarified.

Young and healthy aren’t dying of COVID. I agree.



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Biden Administration gets 3 Pinocchio’s:


Biden Administration putting American children last!

I don’t get it was told that all the people coming here were coming to work? Are the babies coming for the jobs too?


This is a ridiculous story.

American citizens are reporting that they are burning up record high gas traveling from store to store searching for baby formula. They search on line and try to race to the store to buy rationed formula if they can find any in many parts of the country. The new White House press Secretary laughed this issue off yesterday.

But the children of illegals are first in line I’m assuming for free…

Libs used to ridicule me for this statement but I believe it to be true.

President Joe Biden…putting Americans last since January 20, 2021.


One thing we cannot call it is a secure border


Biden is a definition of fraud. Like daddy like little sonny.

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And it’s going to get worse…

That photo is the gift of clueless Joe and his idiot band of leftists…


Essentially gaining access in to the US is as simple as making an asylum claim: