Jussie Smollett charges dropped, I smell a conspiracy!

Did Jussie Smollett create a fake lynching to help Booker and Harris with their lynching bill?
Sounds like it will take Mr. Barr to find out knowing parts of the case are sealed.

Are you of the opinion lynching SHOULDN’T be a federal crime?

Not everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes idiots are just idiots

Of course you “smell a conspiracy.” :rofl::rofl:



I’m saying these people created an incident to influence the passing of their bill, these people are sick.

If you aren’t free to lynch your neighbor is it really freedom?


So you’re there were enough Senators that believe lynching shouldn’t be a federal crime that an incident needed to be staged to force their hand?

Ask those who are protecting him.

You’re the one that decided they were related.

I’m asking you.

If anyone can smell a conspiracy, it would be you.

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From Alex Jones’ mouth to Weedhopper’s keyboard. :rofl:

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Booker and Harris probably did and that’s why they sealed part of his case.

Booker and Harris sealed part of his case?

How did they do that, exactly?

And assuming they thought such a “stunt” was necessary, that means there ARE a signifucant portion of Senators…and the public…that think lynching should not be a federal crime.

And you think this is good and makes Booker and Harris look bad…why, again, exactly?

You sure this is the hill you want to defend?

You believe Smollett’s story?

No. Do you believe it was part of a plan to pass a bill?

Also do you think that lynching shouldn’t be a federal crime?

The question is irrelevant.

I’m not giving credence to an unfounded hypothesis by addressing it.

I’m exploring the hypothesis itself.

I will say…lots of cases where a crime was likely committed get dismissed every year.

I would say 99.999999999% of them are not some political “stunt”

Rich connected democrat privilege. Just like Hillary.

Had they found some guy with a MAGA hat on, and he got charged, and was a first time offender. Do you think they would let him off?

Why would they need to do that? Are you trying to assert that if there wasn’t an incident that Republicans wouldn’t of voted for making lynching a crime?

Rich and privileged get off all the time regardless of party affiliation.

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Since you can’t admit it was an obvious hate crime hoax, I’m just going to assume you believe him.

Sorry, there was a long list of leftist activists committing hate crime hoax’s in 2016.

In fact I think part of letting him off was making sure those people are not afraid to commit more hate crime hoax for 2020.

Tucker said it best. The demand for hate crimes by the left is a lot higher than the supply. Which is why Smollett faked one, and why all those activists faked it too…

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