July jobs report 934,000 new jobs added.....good news?

The economy is rolling along.

This is good news for the American economy. Right?


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Good news!?!?!

Thanks Trump vaccine!

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Excellent. Wish more people would get it. Imagine how the economy would be COVID-free.


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and thanks to biden for not screwing things up!

Keep up the good work JB.

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Excellent report. Biden is doing great on the economy.

Let’s thank Pfizer and Moderna as well they had a little to with it as much as the Republicans and Democrats anyways.

We also need to thank government funding of the research that created the MRNA vaccine.

When he started researching a troublesome childhood infection nearly four decades ago, virologist Dr. Barney Graham, then at Vanderbilt University, had no inkling his federally funded work might be key to deliverance from a global pandemic.

Basic research conducted by Graham and others at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Defense Department and federally funded academic laboratories has been the essential ingredient in the rapid development of vaccines in response to COVID-19. The government has poured an additional $10.5 billion into vaccine companies since the pandemic began to accelerate the delivery of their products.

It’s great news. Things are headed in the right direction. My fear is the Delta surge in the unvaccinated could wipe out the progress we have made.

Yes, it is good news. It says it is time to drop all these inflationary give away and moratoriums on paying your expenses.


The Trump vaccine has put us on the right track hopefully we can continue the market is worried about losing steam on growth due to the global spread of delta-covid and potential trade line disruptions.

I am sure a big reason for this news is the red states ending those programs.


a definite contributor for sure

If the economy is doing fine why do we need trillions of dollars in government spending?


That spending is what floated the economy so that it could be fine today

Another record high on the stock market. Anyone tired of all the winning?

Here’s a copy of the actual report:

A good thing to note is that May and June were revised up. And we now have back to back 900,000+ job growth months. Very little to complain about in this report.

trump is in bed in his pajamas seething at daily stock market highs. he tries to find something negative to spice up his crowd but nothing is sticking… :rofl:

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People are finally getting off their lazy asses and getting a job. Fantastic news!


Better never means better for everybody. The black nation employment fell…


How many times has the “kid sniffer” boasted about his record “sock rocket” so far?