Judge Says 2nd Amendment Doesnt Exist in New York

Dexter Taylor, a 52yo Software Engineer with a machine shop in his basement was building guns as a hobby in his home. They were never sold. He never even fired them. He never hid anything. He has a spotless record. Authorities raid his home in the middle of the night, and the New York Judge tells his council that the 2nd Amendment doesnt exist in her courtroom. This judge should be jailed on Rikers island of Dexter Taylor

Colin Noir, the creator of this video really makes some great points. He is obviously upset at this Judge and uses some course language in the video.

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…and yet in Illinois, a Democrat U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Coleman says the 2nd does apply for illegal aliens.

I believe I have finally figured out liblogic?

Eenie, meenie, mynie, moe…the 2nd applies to this yes or no?


Unconstitutional and Outrageous!

This judge should be disbarred and even imprisoned!

An appeals court would toss this liken a Frisbee but that isn’t good enough.

Somebody needs the hell sued out of them. If she can’t sue the judge then the state maybe.


Here is a news article for those interested.

I’m not very familiar with “ghost guns” but apparently there are laws in NY that regulate them.

New York
Serial numbers and background checks for component parts, all ghost guns must be reported to officials, no plastic undetectable guns.

it just a new york state law about ghost guns.

has nothing to do with the second.


Non Concur. People have been building home made guns for centuries. Has everything to do with the Second Amendment. Further, the Judge said the Second Amendment doesnt exist in her courtroom. She should not be a judge. She is an activist. She should trade her robe for a sign.


and there is already federal regulation of them, that is heading to SCOTUS

“In urging the Supreme Court to hear the administration’s appeal in the case, Garland v. VanDerStok, No. 23-852, Solicitor General Elizabeth B. Prelogar said the appeals court’s ruling would produce “a flood of untraceable ghost guns into our nation’s communities, endangering the public and thwarting law-enforcement efforts to solve violent crimes.”

cert was granted on Monday.


can the federal govt use the 1968 gun control act to regulate ghost guns.


SCOTUS will decide the issue. not laymen.


Cleanliness doesn’t exist there either.



I would love to see this decision appealed.

Can we really just flagrantly violate the constitution like that?

If that’s the case I pressure my state to stop recognizing the 16th amendment.

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In what sense?

A judge literally saying the 2nd amendment doesn’t exist in their state.

Cause last time I checked the 14th incorporated the bill of rights to the states.


so Casper has to disarm in New York…

We don’t know the proper context in which it was stated, but still a pretty dumb thing to say in court as a judge.

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“four assault weapons, five handguns & four rifles” “massive arsenal”

Too funny! :laughing:


Yeah. The embellishment in the quotes from the DA were a bit much.

I would note that the Second Amendment has only been incorporated since 2010. Had that judge made that statement prior to MacDonald, they would have been correct.

The 2nd has been incorporated since ratification.