Judge Napolitano lays out why Trump should be impeached

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Now all he has to do is convince those in congress who might vote on article of impeachment that he just suddenly had an interest in corruption in Ukraine.

Whichever way Lachlan Murdoch, who now runs Fox News, wants it to.

:rofl::sweat_smile: Wow you guys are adorable.

WOW - At least you admit that you dont want you news to be fact based. You only want news that reports things you agree with and presents it in a way NOT to challenge your preconceived notions.

Many of us would rather learn facts -even if it goes against what we want to be true.


No… He really doesnt. Just like Shiff, they will all vote Party line. So will the republicans in the senate. This really isnt going anywhere.

Napolitano is a long time never Trumper. To be taken with a grain of salt.

Interesting how Trump uses this mode of attack on a regular basis. More than once Trump has claimed someone has a grudge against them because they asked for a job.

■■■■■■■■ - i dont believe Judge Nap reached out to Trump and said gissa job mate.

But we all know what Trump says becomes the reality. Trump could say we have always been friends with NK and his supporters would go with that new narrative.

It is headed to the Trump reelection and maybe the dems losing the House.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound like a never Trumper here.
“He(Napolitano) said, ‘Trump said I’m on the list,’” said a source who spoke with Napolitano shortly after one of his meetings with the then president-elect. “He’s been saying that since the transition.”

And I would bet it’s true that Trump told him that.

Ah yes… Another example of Donald Trump’s unwavering commitment to get to the truth of all things.

That was 2017. Napolitano has appeared to be pissed off that Trump didn’t appoint him to either opening.

Nothing but negatives from the “good” judge the last couple of years.

Your effort fails.

Every president is besieged with job requests. When he says No, people get mad.
Surely you don’t think is unique to Trump.

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Or perhaps people are critical of Trump because he deserves it?

Why is there always an ulterior motive for someone being critical of Trump. My gosh it can never be a valid criticism. It is always fake news/corrupt media/deepstate/ jealousy/revenge.


Mueller was another one who didn’t get the job he wanted. He wanted the head FBI job.

He should have recused himself from the investigation but didn’t.

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Yet for all his anger and hatred of Trump he produced a report that Trump and his supporters found acceptable.

Use use too broad of a brush without any attempt to back it up.

I have No idea what you are chuntering on about.

He didn’t want to. Neither did his pit bull investigators. They dragged it out forever and finally gave up.

Given the polling data, your might be cautious with those predictions. While impeachment is making no dents in Trump’s base, it continues to worsen Trump’s standings with college educated voters and women in the suburbs… two groups that were vital to Trump in 2016 and played a large role in the Democrats retaking the House in 2018.

Do you think that House votes on impeachment will be more important in 2020 than Healthcare and the Economy. You might be right but I would be interested in knowing why you believe that.

As to the Senate, the crux is four Republicans – Collins (ME); Gardner (CO); McSally (AZ) and TIllis (NC) – in states where Trump polls underwater… especially in the first three. Votes to dismiss the impeachment or to acquit would be hard to defend in each of their four races. Doug Jones (AL) might be a Democrat to acquit to help with reelection and if they Republican primary votes do Jones the favor of renominating Roy Moore… who knows. Impeachment could create a four vote wing to the D’s and flip the Senate.

Of course none of this is provable… but I’d be open to views on how impeachment will play in these Senate races.