Judge Napolitano lays out why Trump should be impeached

His conclusion:

For heaven’s sake, Trump was just investigated by Mueller for two-and-a-half tumultuous years for allegedly bringing the Russian government into the 2016 election and now he has attempted in one phone call to bring the Ukrainian government into the 2020 election! Does he understand the laws he has sworn to uphold?

It was to remedy just such reckless, constitutionally destructive behavior that impeachment was intended.

Wow. Scathing. And also well written and logical.

It’s a good summary of why Trump should be impeached.

I find the comments hilarious and revealing. Calls for the judge to go to CNN with Shep, Deep State Operative claims etc…

Will other conservatives in politics and media heed reality and call fro impeachment?


Just the fact that Fox News would publish that piece is surprising. Maybe they really will back away from Trump.

We’ll see continued erosion of unquestioning loyalty to Donald from the right, and increased hysteria from his die-hard sycophants as a result.


There is a clear conflict at Fox, with several of its more new-oriented anchors taking the impeachment inquiry seriously, while the opinion-slingers are strongly supporting Trumps’ efforts to deflect from the material in the call “transcript” and the Whistleblower report.

To quote a great Republican than Trump, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The question then becomes which way will it will fall?

The deep state is coming for our great President

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He’s obviously a lib.

He has a well thought out argument.

More proof that Fox News is getting too liberal to be taken seriously anymore. Fox News used to be great because of how they represented Republican friendly news, while all the other networks cater to a liberal view of reality. I feel this is no longer the case, and that’s why websites like Breitbart and World Net Daily are being taken more seriously among the Republican base. We need real options in what our news looks like. Liberal-lite is not a good option.


It’s terrible has accurate this post is.


Anyone who speaks of “impeachable offenses” is a legal quack.
Any offense is impeachable, if Congress says it is. Congress is the sole judge of what “high crimes and misdemeanors” consist of. No court can review or reverse an impeachment and/or a Senate conviction.

Napolitano has been gunning for Trump ever since he asked Trump for a Supreme Court appointment and Trump told him to forget it.
Take everything he says with a huge boulder of salt.


You only listen to people who have unquestioning loyalty to Trump?


I agree with your assertions re: impeachment. Maybe he’s saying “impeachable offense” in the sense that it’d actually be likely to get impeached and reach a conviction? Maybe not. He could just be dumbing it down for the average Joe.

There’s also a pretty huge difference between “Russian Collusion” where they were trying to prove election tampering, and investigating possible criminal wrong doing.

By today’s standard: no politician can be investigated while he’s running for office because that’s election meddling for political purposes.

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I don’t believe it. Trump smears anyone who criticizes him by claiming that they had secretly begged him for for a job or endorsement.

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I do believe it.

He’s got too much baggage to be taken seriously. He got mad Trump wouldnt name him to the Supreme Court. As I understand it, he was really pressuring Trump to put his name forth.

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The basis for Napolitano’s statement that Trump should be impeached is that Trump was digging up “dirt” on Biden. The actual memo of the conversation does not support that allegation. Trump was asking for an investigation, not a specific conclusion from that investigation. If merely asking for an investigation is “digging up dirt” then why haven’t Democrats been charged with crimes since even before the 2016 election?
It is a false premise.

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Judge Napolitano makes up more crap than Shepard Smith. Unfortunately, when they do this on Fox News, a rebuttal to the crap they make up is not presented by Fox News.

I have no problem with opinion shows making crap up, but when it is a “news” show, opinions should always be separated from facts.


It’s not a “Deep State”. It’s a subversive “Shadow Government” which began to entrench itself during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Its mission being, to advance GLOBALIST and socialist policies, and obstruct attempts to roll back such policies.

As you understand it? Like when you were talking to people, like people involved in Supreme Court nominations?


Google is your friend. See what you can find.