Joy Behar next to Feel the Axe of Political/Racial Correctness?


So just to be clear, “blackface” in 78, no problem. Blackface in 84, unforgivable.



The deflections to Belushi are really pathetic. Try sticking to the subject at hand.


Oh wait there’s a difference. Why?


Let’s see, Japanese is not Black. Clear that up for you?


Oh pretending to be Japanese with a pretend Japanese accent is not racist but blackface is? Hmmm.


Would Coulter bring out all these excuses, if she had done something like this?

And no, I don’t remember a bunch of people mocking blacks in the late 70s…but then I didn’t know any klan members.


I think that
Josephine Victoria Behar
should retire, or be fired. Either ones it good to me.

Racism shouldn’t be tolerated in either Party!

And The Democratic Party should also tell her to resign,
just like the Governor.


You mean his comedy routine?

Well, if we are going to go there…


Let’s see…a political leader vs. a comedian…hmmmmmmm?

Leave it to a trump supporter/enabler to not know the difference.


No, knowing Coulter she’d probably proudly own it.


They did that ■■■■ in the 80’s too.

It’s killing ya’ll to have to justify you’re inconsistency and excuse making.


She’s a very popular leftwing political talking head with one of the most popular shows on daytime TV.

Quit deflecting.


They can’t justify it so “whataboutsism” and derailing the thread are all they have to offer.


Nah you all are making a big leap from abominable racist behavior that almost everyone abhorred (blackface, dressing as a klansmen) and the garden variety racism that almost everyone engaged in the 70s- dressing up as a different ethnicity (Indian, Japanese, Native American) with mocking accents. Sorry no sale- it’s a dumb leap.


Let’s see. Systemic racism, no problem.

Dressing up in blackface or as a Klansman at a party though, that’s unforgivable.

Makes perfect sense… .

No inconsistency there at all.


How many people who were alive in the 70s ever knew someone who dressed up as a black person and thought it was funny or even clever?
Just seems weird to me.


Go for it man- make a thread about everyone who dressed as a different ethnicity in the 70s for Halloween and call them racist. You should be able to bag millions of people that way.


If she is a comedian, than why does she constantly talk Politics on the
“View” as if she tries to tell other women and the Country which way
this country should go political wise?

Should she not be taken seriously?


Deflecting is your shtick not mine.


Start your own “Belushi Thread” if you like, quit trying to derail this one.