Joy Behar next to Feel the Axe of Political/Racial Correctness?

Let’s see just how consistent our friends on the left are. In light of this new bit of tape that has resurfaced how long before she’s consumed by the outrage machine?

So, not only darkening up here skin but also giving herself a “Fro” to play the part of a black woman at a Halloween party.

BTW, she’s admitted that this is exactly what she did and why.

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That looks like one Proud African American woman.

Wait, what?
This was a Halloween Costume?

Why would anyone dress up like an African American woman for Halloween
unless she was making fun of black people? Or was mocking them
for being scary? I mean cause it’s Halloween.

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I give this a big Meh. And I think Northam should resign. They are completely different.

I guess she thought it was “cool” at the time.

It looks like a death penalty case.

If this was the 70s people did ■■■■ like this all the time.

What changed between the 70s and 80s?

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How would you know, you weren’t even a thought yet?

People also dressed up as people form India, as Japanese Samurai, as women dressed in kimonos, and yes Indians with full head feather dress.

Having grown up across all three decades I’m sure it’ll be fascinating to hear.


Do you really know how old I am?

Between a pic of someone in full blackface with a klansman next to them- and dressing up as a different ethnicity in the 70s for Halloween?

Yeah they are completely different.

How exactly? Was she complimenting black people by making herself up as one for Halloween?

Hate to say this…but maybe I’m not alone. She actually looks better.

Oh lord…now I went and done it. :rofl:

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It’s not the 70’s any more though.

Does it make it ok, simply because it was the 70’s?

Everyone looks better before turning into an angry, bitter, hateful, leftwing hack.


Apparently now there’s a time limit which was put in place in 84.

Homophobia was cool in the 70s. Times change.

Do you think John Belushi dressed as a Samurai should be treated the same as someone dressed in full blackface/or as a klansmen.

I guess you do. Weird.

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Well, if that was a question for me my answer would simply be, that
a lot of people intentionally dress up as scary things for Halloween,
or things to joke around about of.

I mean, I guess if she came out and said that Black people are my heroes,
than I would understand that. But has she?
I mean kids dress up as there heroes for Halloween, but they’re not 29 when they do it either. lol.