Joy Behar next to Feel the Axe of Political/Racial Correctness?


No leap. None of you can be consistent.


No. What makes it ok is that she is a lib.


The world apparently changed completely between 78 and 84 as did standards for outrage or something like that.


Black friend of mine enjoyed makeup artistry for stage productions during his college years. He does wonderful makeup jobs on his own Halloween costumes every year.

One year he spent several hours doing his party costume—he went as a white man, & it was such a wonderful job no one knew who he was.

Now should I say this guy is making fun of, or doesn’t like white peoples (he’s married to a white woman). Or, more likely, was he having some fun & showing off his skills at makeup artistry during Halloween?

I’m indifferent to Joy Behar & this costume. Don’t know her motivations.


Yeah. Double Standards!

The Democrat Fake Media, and Democrat Politicians
are never held to the same standards as their counterparts
the Republican Media, and Republican Party.


I’m not the one calling for him to resign. That would be the democratic party hypocrites doing that.

I’m of the opinion that things like this are a road people don’t want to go down. I don;t agree with the total destruction of someone’s life and livelihood in order for others to feel as if they are morally superior in some way.

You were the one who stated people did this all the time in the 70’s so no big ■■■■■■■ deal with Behar. The 80’s were a different deal.

I stated that was not so as people dressed up like this then also.

You are grasping for excuses for condoning/accepting it one case and denouncing it in another.


So let me get this straight? Homophobia was cool in the 70’s, and times change
but what Joy did in the 70’s is ok today, even though “times change”?

Isn’t that a contradiction?


That isn’t blackface.


Where’s the video?


He listed two


Sounds like the 70s were cool


Resign from the democratic party?

Anything else would be too stupid to ponder.


Much cooler for white folks.


I thought that was the peace love stoner generation with the cool pants. Plus they had some cool music my mum was a huge Queen fan.


Nope. Neither is dressing up like an Indian in full head dress.


My personal opinion is who cares… BUT Megyn Kelly got in trouble just for asking the question if it was ok to go to Halloween as black face. So I am conflicted A. I think the whole thing is silly B. The double standards part, Behar won’t get much heat for this. Just last week Bill Maher told a black republican to eat Popeyes chicken which I would agree that’s racist, nothing came of it.

I don’t care what people wear on Halloween.


Nah- nice try tho. One was almost universally rejected as racist (blackface) and dressing up as a different ethnicity (Native American, Japanese, Indian) was condoned by most of society.


Keep defending.


Keep reaching.


Do you have an opinion on the morality of it?