John McCain Will No Longer Be Treated for Brain Cancer, Family Says

Prayers for an American hero.

That is truly sad.

Another version from Politico.


Sad to hear. I didn’t agree with some of his policies but he’s an American hero and a decent man.

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Looks lime you beat me.

Godspeed good sir. I was proud to have voted for you.

May he experience comfort of loved ones & adequate pain management.

Thank you for your service, Senator McCain.:us:


God Speed Senator. I was proud to have voted for you.

Sad to hear.

Been there for family in this situation, and while expected, also incredibly sad to hear :pensive:

This is sad. As someone who just lost his dad…My heart goes out to the entire McCain Family. I’m not one of his fans politically but I am a fan of his for the man he was, and the convictions he held. I am a firm believer in standing on your convictions. Even if I may disagree, I am always impressed by a man who stands firmly on his convictions, treats people with respect, and does what HE things is right. As far as I know, John McCain treated people with respect, loved his family, and did what he thought was right.

I hope the time he has left is good time, and that he spends it with his family. The last thing I did with my dad was to look at pictures of our summer home in the woods, my wife and kids and give him one last good memory. I hope they have these opportunities too. Good Bless the McCain family.


So sad, the country will be worse off when he’s gone. One of the country’s last true statesman and a true patriot among a sea of opportunists.

Thank you for a lifetime of service to your country.

He and his family should be immensely proud of his life and accomplishments. Great American.

Well said. I agree with this. And will simply add I will pray for him and his family that they all find peace and comfort soon. :pray:


Very sad!..

I heard it on MSNBC. They used the sad news to take several stabs at Trump.


Yes Trump is pretty disgusting with the things he said about McCain.


Sad news. Thought to his family at this very difficult time.

While I’m not and never have been in agreement with his politics, I believe he is a good man.

Read that, it reminded me when my grandfather made that decision even though we tried to talk him out of it. Condolences to his family :frowning: