Joe's Corona virus updates. Good idea?

It won’t matter whether or not he sniffs someone’s hair. It’s already cooked into posts about Joe.

According to Bloomberg 277 people move out of New York City everyday.

According to the New York Post , The New York Business Journal,, and the Census Bureau, York is losing population.

I don’t live in New York, but everything I’ve read is that Cuomo’s No Bail thing has been a disaster.

New York is a high tax state…

Yes Cuomo’s done a daily press conference but all in all if they turned this guy into a candidate on the Democrat side his record would come back to bite him in the ass big time.

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Good thing nothing is cooked into Trump’s posts. Racism much? :man_shrugging:

I can see this gaining steam among the libs.

I totally agree with that. It’s an idiotic idea. You don’t reduce crime by being nicer to criminals. It’s just basic common sense.

OMG it would be so much fun to see somebody step in at the last minute and boot out Biden. I would prefer to see the witch mount her broomstick and fly to the rescue. Can they do it after he has secured enough delegates to win?

…and the repeat of crimes happening again, before the original crime even comes to court is outrageous. The government should be held responsible for those crimes. They are complicit with this law.

If they nominate Biden I don’t know, will Bernie’s supporters be there for him? Will Biden be able to handle the strain of the campaign?

I live in a family that has been impacted by Alzheimers, I don’t say that I think Biden is in the early stages of dementia lightly…I don’t think this country should have a president who’s mental capacity is so publicly diminished, and whom ever is pushing him to do this should be ashamed.

If Biden is the nominee the most important questions will be, who’s his Vice President and who’s really going to be making policy for him.

If Biden and Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Duck want to do press conferences about CoronaVirus it’s a free country…if people are willing to show up and cover their statements then go for it. I just hope no one takes them seriously.

On the upside. Every time he he frees an offender, he loses the vote of the victim.

And Trump can’t remember where his Dad was born or when masks will actually be available, or when our 15 cases will actually get down to zero.

I understand.

You won’t find that in any of my posts.

Joe’s updates? I was hoping Joe Dirt could make a comeback…

ah, you meant Biden? … not the same hair…

55 percent approve of Trump’s handling of the crisis. We know what Trump brings. And most approve. I WANT TO HEAR MORE FROM JOE! :grin:

Me too. How much toilet paper did you buy? :sunglasses:

To your credit. :+1:

But your party leadership thrives on,and promotes racial tension.

Wow… that is a reach for the normal “Dems in Disarray” story.

Biden could go back on his commitment to pick a female VP and pick Cuomo.

Just a thought.

None. I’m still working off a Sam’s Club package of TP I bought last year.

Like a steaming pile of … pancakes.

Cuomo is surprising me. He’s still too far left for me, but he is a very competent speaker and doesn’t say stupid ■■■■■