Joe's Corona virus updates. Good idea?

I heard a rumor that Biden will be having his own Pressers to challenge Trump’s “lies.” Is this a good idea? I happen to think it’s an excellent idea. Why? First of all, Creepy Joe is a private citizen. He depends on the daily updates just like everybody else. He has no more access to any information than you or I. He is not an insider. So what new info can he provide? Secondly, most of the “solutions” Joe has been mentioning, have already been put in place by the President. Thirdly. America is not obsessed with finger pointing or using a crisis for political gain right now. This is definitely not the time to play gotcha. Nobody outside of Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon wants to hear this crap. Lastly, the President has surrounded himself by some of the most brilliant minds in America. Who is Joe going to trot out there? His family doctor and a couple campaign aids? So should Biden do pressers? Absolutely! He should! I would just love to hear crazy Joe explain how opening borders would help us kill the virus. That would be precious! What a gift that would be to the President.


Whaaaaaaaaaaat? :scream_cat:

Joe is an insider and what ever it is he does or says, he’s being told by the Democrat party. That’s why they ALL lined up behind him…period. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from this source? If there’s a rock of truth that will hurt the President, they’ll expose it and I want to hear it but…I always will be expecting their “spin” too.

Maybe he has a source on the inside? Ready to leak? Somebody who is willing to expose all of the info that Dr. Fauci is holding back? :astonished:

Good. He will have a tough time topping Gov Cuomo.

How’d ya like my kitty? :sunglasses:

Agreed. Cuomo is showing some pretty good leadership right now. But he is actively working with the feds. Biden is on the sidelines.

"Joe’s Corona virus updates? Good idea?"

Not a good idea, but it is a great rumor. Riffing off this with no facts could fill a Sunday.

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I do like the kitty. It’s purrrrrrfect. :smirk:

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Thank you. I hope you don’t get your wish. :blush: has this story this morning…

“Have Democrats found an alternative to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination?..Some seem to think so: The hashtag #PresidentCuomo – referring to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo – was trending on social media Saturday as the party’s voters continued to mull who should take on President Trump in November…Just a day earlier, the hashtag #WhereIsJoe was trending as some wondered why Biden’s national profile seemed to shrink amid the crisis – a situation Biden said he planned to address next week.”

Is the Cuomo thing serious, probably not…I don’t know. But Biden has been relegated to Non Entity Status the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately there’s not much he can do other than read something from a teleprompter…in his current failing mental state (I’m one who believes he’s in at least the early stages of dementia) he can’t take questions…

I guess go for it Joe. Either no one will notice…Someone will notice and you’ll say nothing…Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon will notice and try to make your comments bigger than they really should be…But there’s nothing Biden can offer to the current conversation that will be the least bit constructive or meaningful. But if that’s what Sleepy Joe thinks he needs to do to stay relevant, good for him…I guess.

Interesting. As a candidate he would have been 1000 times better than who the clueless democrats decided to choose. Hillary was the worst candidate they ever chose. Biden is the second worst. Barely.

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It’s not a wish, it’s a guess.

We’ve seen Trump’s credibility take a hit every day he opens his pie hole with information that contradicts his task force.

Biden should stay away from being the Misinformer-in-chief.

Again, we disagree. I would love to see Joe behind a mike for an hour every day. Pul-leeeze Joe, DO THIS!!! :man_dancing:


It’s a free country…Biden can do or say whatever he wants…

I know I won’t be wasting my time taking anything he says very seriously.

Yes he can. And I hope he will! :cowboy_hat_face:

I understand.

It would be easier to attack Biden’s foot-in-mouth disease than to defend Trump’s foot-in-mouth pressers.

I’m betting his handlers will be talking him down. Nothing good happens when Joe is holding a microphone. Maybe he could trot out some cute young Doc and sniff her hair while she’s taking questions?

Like the Russian collusion lie that destroyed their credability?

No my friend. You really don’t. First…there would have to be a President Biden. Then, there’d have to be this once in a lifetime, catastrophic event take place, that is challenging an entire nation, that came virtually out of nowhere. Then…President Biden would have to speak and answer questions to the degree you’re observing President Trump. Now…if you’re honest, you’d admit…he couldn’t do it. He can’t even remember Chris Wallace’s name or on which side his wife and sister are standing. Oh…that’s just been the last couple of weeks and without the pressure we’re speaking of. Now…do you truly understand?