Joe Rogan vs Neil Young

Who do you think will win?

I am rooting for Rogan because Neil baby sounds like an authoritarian.

Well spotify?

Rogan has to bring in more dough so that helps him.

I think they will find a way to put a pacifier in Neils mush and let this blow away with the Omicron wave.

'Authoritarian’ is code, among rightwingers, for ‘refuses to submit to or be cowed by the culture warriors of the right’.


That doesn’t make sense.

You mean the left?

Anyway pick one and have some fun for a change.


Neil Young is coming to terms with the fact that people have to Google who the hell he even is. :rofl:


That’s what i thought. I didn’t listen to him back in the day either and couldn’t name a single song of his.


He has a dozen or so good songs. I liked the 80’s hit this note’s for you. Like a Hurricane is good.

For the last 20 years he has gone nuts.

Why threaten?

Just pull your music then big mouth.


Neil Young doesn’t need Spotify anyway. There’s plenty of bars out in the middle of nowhere that he can play on Tuesday nights. :rofl:


A southern man don’t need him round…anyhow. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


That old feud still burns. Neil likes some race card too.

Someone must have told him Rogan was born in Birmingham.


It’s his music, he should be able to take it off Spotify if he wants.

Joe Rogan is a culture warrior.

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He should be able to make a big scene hoping they talk him out of it first.

Each is free t say/do what he wants.

Spotify is free to react as it wants.

Everyone seems to need to fight. :person_shrugging:

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The left, what rump remains, is too busy accommodating itself to defeat: at the hands of the DNC, the Chamber, Biden and Manchin, climate and the rising tide of atavism, nationalism and actual fascism.

The Great Reaction didn’t begin with the Drumpfkampf. It began with that second-rate jellyhead from Tampico, and a pair of world-hating Bishops from Poland and Germany. That’s the culture war: a rejection of what is.

The left doesn’t do culture wars. The left, useful victims almost to a man, does sacrificial goat.

He’s free to use his clout.

neil young is canadian, so who cares?

I also recently saw that he is married to daryl hannah and they were expecting a baby, so congrats to the old-timers.

And finally, what Sixfoot and Gooddad409 said above ^^^. I know he was jamming with pearl jam for a while, but that was after I tuned out pearl jam, so…who??

You think allowing someone to talk is the same thing as being cowed by them?

Personally, I have never listened to Rogan, but I haven’t heard that he is trying to get Young banned.

Also, I haven’t heard from Young for ages. He may think his influence is greater than it is…or not.


Saw him a few years back, I went to see the opener, Elvis Costello, I left after Young mangled two songs, we were far from the only ones. Hung out in the parking lot for a bit trash talking him with other Costello fans for a while.


Allowing to talk?


The OP characterizes a content dispute by private actors as some authoritarian plot - in a world where the rightwing use of that world really just means 'has the audacity to disagree with me and I don’t know what to do with that because my worldview is cobbled together contradictions and fraught with self-doubt and unsolvable angst".

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