Jim Jordan investigates Jack Smith Who cares?

We’re not impressed Jimmy. You’re good at starting investigations. You suck at ending them or actually doing something. So, what’s the point? What’s the end game? Going on Hannity once again to tell us about all the crap you found but have no intention of doing anything about? Do something or shut up. Your oversight is overstated.

And no libs. It’s not because there’s nothing there. I have MANY questions that need answering. I don’t care that you don’t.



Not what I expect when reading a headline about altered evidence.

And yet the forum is replete with evidence tempering accusations and how there is no case anymore

It’s amazing how easy it is.

Shrimp :shrimp: and grits!

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He doesn’t do anything because he never finds a crime.

He’s a con man.

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He has proven to be no better then Schift. Differnce is the GOP doesn’t jump on board and impeach someone.

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That’s assuming they can even win the procedural vote to start an official investigation. They’ve failed three out of the last four times I think?

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Except mayorkos.

and they did open an impeachment hearing on Biden.

Old news now that the docs case is over.

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I stand corrected

but got push back

Wild that we have gotten to a place where conservatives cheer taking nuclear secrets.


They are all con men, kissing Trump’s base in the rear.

Bash Biden on policy. But stop pretending like he broke laws without any proof.

Jack Smith should be disbarred minimum and maybe jailed maximum for tampering with evidence!

We don’t need this sort of corruption in our “justice” system.

There wasn’t evidence tampering.

Come back from that ledge.

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Put away your fainting couch.

From what I read the “evidence tampering” was removed classified docs (appropriately and as per procedure) which left the box rather empty and items got moved around in transit .

You defend biden talking military secrets. Biden could even have a few nuclear secrets hide out somewhere for hunter to use to fill the biden bank accounts. And when it comes out you will defend the old pervert.

Oooh. Could…. Super scary.

Anything is possible

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And here you were the one pearl clutching about trump having nuclear secrets. Why are you so scared of trump but worship an old senile liar who can’t seem to remember what all he stole?