Jerome Corsi sues Mueller, Justice, CIA, FBI, NSA for $350 million

The very first post on another board is that this is “Trump 101”. Duck, dodge and draw out cases as long as possible. I think that’s very accurate.

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It will go nowhere.


$350mil dayyuuumm

So if I’m under investigation for criminal activity, I can sue the police/prosecuting attorneys?

Interesting strategy.

Why sue for millions… when you could so for… billions?


I don’t think Mueller is going to like what will happen after his investigation, and if he refuses to answer why he targeted republicans he’s might be going to jail

You appear to have a rich fantasy life.


Lol no a democrat winning again is a fantasy for you lol
Mueller will have to answer questions… I feel bad for him

Please support your assertion with anything grounded in reality.

Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats since 2012, your party is dead. And if mueller doesn’t have anything except sin democrats will lose there minds and attack him. And if muller doesn’t explain why he didn’t charge obama with spying on trump then he will most likely be investigated… either way he loses bad… if I was him I would fake a death. Move to the North Pole Lol

Cool story, bro.


It’s going to be interesting to how this lawsuit continues when Corsi gets a criminal indictment…

The mafia has used it repeatedly.

You think a public lynching is still good for democrats to continue? Hmmm

In 1864 democrats lynched 160 white republicans, and 164 blacks… the hate was so bad Democrat’s went almost 20 years before winning any majority in the House…

Seems like history is repeating its self

From what I have read, it’s pretty clear that Corsi lied and took steps to try to hide his email communications. That’s just what we know at this point, there is undoubtedly more evidence they have not shared. Are you suggesting he should get a free pass?

Black helicopters, lizard people, chemtrails… that’s all I see.

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He sent 66 thousand emails… and do you know the context of the email you are referring to? If not shut your mouth lol

Yeah, conservatives should never be allowed power no matter whether an R or D is after their name…


There was never a switch if so can you prove it? All black oppression comes from towns run by Democrats… period back then to today