Jennifer Crumbley found guilty for her son's actions related to school shooting

Knowing they had just given him a gun days earlier. They deserve the max sentence.

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Well, the NY Times is not an ironclad reliable source, but here’s the way they tell it:


The gun was an early Christmas gift from his parents: a semiautomatic 9-millimeter Sig Sauer handgun. “My new beauty,” Ethan Crumbley, 15, called it.

The day after Thanksgiving, he and his father had gone together to a Michigan gun shop to buy it. He and his mother spent a day testing out the gun, which was stored unlocked in the parents’ bedroom. On Monday, when a teacher reported seeing their son searching online for ammunition, his mother did not seem alarmed.

“LOL I’m not mad at you,” Jennifer Crumbley texted her son. “You have to learn not to get caught.”

A day later, the authorities say the teenager fatally shot four classmates in the halls of Oxford High School in suburban Detroit, . …



Frequently left home alone, Ethan Crumbley texted his mother in March 2021 that he had seen a demon in their house, one that hurled dishes across the kitchen. Days later, his parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, discussed how their teenage son was “worked up and agitated,” weighing whether to give him Xanax.

The next November, James Crumbley, ignoring what seemed like warning signs that Ethan had mental health issues, bought his son a semiautomatic handgun. Ethan, then 15, used the gun to kill four students at Oxford High School, the worst school shooting in Michigan history.

On Tuesday, jury selection began in the trial of Jennifer Crumbley, 45, charged with involuntary manslaughter for the deaths . . .

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I honestly hope you all see exactly what is going on here and the precedent that is being set.

But judging from all the high fiving and gleeful responses I doubt it. Or just can’t see that far ahead.

Whatever feels good at the moment, right?

Holding parents accountable for their bad parenting?..Perish the thought.

your son was arrested for DWI so we’re taking your house mommy and daddy

democrat utopia


I think some charges were certainly warranted in this case, but I’m not thinking involuntarily manslaughter is the right charge.

They were guilty of various forms of negligence. Not manslaughter.


Here’s more of the details:

There’s that word again. That rational, logical, word. :thinking:

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Why would a 15 year old need a handgun?


I dunno.
but if dad has guns, and all the uncles and grandparents have guns
getting your own guns at 15 is kinda like “Why’d ya wait?”

I was 15ish before my family got it’s first video game.
I never (as a kid) got my own TV or my own phone.
As the standard of living improves, kids get stuff earlier.

You and I agree on a lot,
but I think in this case, this was a kid who needed to be watched, kept away from guns and possibly medicated. That’s the story the NYTimes paints anyway.

Even if it was not the case here, it is sometimes.

Did I let him drink in the house and then give him the keys to the car?

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Like I said. Can’t see past the tip of your nose.

Should parents ever be held responsible for their childrens actions?

Hypothetical here…let’s say the parents are gun enthusiasts and have little kids. They do not secure their weapons and leave the kids home alone with them laying about. One kid picks up the weapon and shoots another one of their kids.

Are the parents liable for this? Just trying to get where you are coming from. Neither parent shot their kid, but it seems their negligence led to this happening. Do you agree?

That would hinge on intent.

You know. Like the law is supposed to.

How about negligence?

“I didn’t mean to kill that guy, it was an accident”…Ok, no worries, you had no intent to kill him.

Not past the tip of their nose.

Held responsible isn’t the same as prosecuted for man slaughter. There are degrees here and this one crossed a threshold.


This isn’t reality.

Negligence can create culpability. The question is for what.