Jennifer Crumbley found guilty for her son's actions related to school shooting

From what was presented she definitely came off as a pretty lousy parent, who absolutely bears a fair degree of responsibility for what happened.

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That’s great! Can’t wait for other bad parents to start being held accountable for their off-springs ■■■■ ups.


My grandsons dad is a bit free and easy with his firearms at his home and it worries me no end.

Oh, Mrs. Rittenhouse- FBI calling.

My daughter started running across the room with a pair of scissors in her hands once. Talk about terrifying. lol


Yeah because scissors are just like unsecured guns.

Like you would know about any of this anyway. :rofl:


So a parent is prosecuted for something their kid did, and you lefties think this a good idea.

So lets get this straight. A kid gets a gun from home, commits a crime, and the parent is prosecuted.

Meanwhile a parent decides they don’t want a boy child but instead want a girl, has the boy castrated, and to lefties the parent is applauded.

Sick times we live in.


Yeah this is a bit different, he puts his handgun down where my 2 year old grandson can reach it. For me this is worrying.

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Sounds like he’s packing something a bit too sturdy for those little fingers to operate (or maybe even pick up). Benefit of the doubt and all.

However, I definitely wouldn’t have it just laying down, loaded and chambered, with the safety off, anywhere that a 2 year old could pick it up and fire it. That would be negligent. lol

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It depends on what it is the kid did…


Clearly, you don’t know what the parents did. She deserved to be convicted.

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It ain’t just the lefties in this thread.

@mot1man is to the right of …. I don’t actually know who to write there but like super duper right :blush:

It’s not a left right there. It’s an opinion on proximate cause thing.

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Uhhhh…you clearly need to get your sarcasm meter fixed/calibrated.


You also could put yourself in that spot.

@mot1man is clearly to the right of F&C. One doesn’t have to be super duper right for that to be true.

double winky

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A purely fictional scenario


My understanding of the case mirrors the wikipedia entry on it.

In addition to the shooter (Ethan Crumbley) there are 3 other guilty parties.

  • Two parents who did not lock up their guns even after they knew their son’s mental state.
  • The school district which ignored warning signs.

Crumbley’s parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, were charged on December 3 with involuntary manslaughter for failing to secure the handgun used in the shooting.[11] After failing to appear for their arraignment, the parents were the subjects of a manhunt by the U.S. Marshals; they were caught and arrested in Detroit on December 4. Lawsuits were filed against the school district, Oxford Community Schools, starting on December 9; they allege negligence by school officials towards warning signs exhibited by Crumbley leading up to the shooting.

When my brother went though his bad period, my (step) dad locked the guns in a locker in the attic. It’s not rocket science.

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And the old man too.

Yep…they are both responsible.

The crazy thing as that I believe both parents were called to the school that morning because the school found some troubling material but they refused to take him home because they said they had to go back to work.