Jeh Johnson a Trumpeter?

On Fox News Sunday, former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said that under the Barack Obama administration, they did detain some children alone and some families together, two policies for which Donald Trump has been widely blamed.

Johnson told host Chris Wallace that they “thought it was necessary at the time,” and that it is still is.

But it’s the sheer matter of numbers, Chris. Right now, we have family detention capability for about 3,000 or 4,000 people, and you’ve got over a thousand migrants crossing the border a day in Central America. And so, even if you emptied it out completely today, it would fill back up in a matter of days.


In some cases, not a lot, but in some, you separated children from their parents in these pictures that we are putting up, from 2014, show pictures of unaccompanied minors in effect jail situations.

As you look back on that, did you handle it so well?

JOHNSON: Well, Chris, without a doubt the images and the reality from 2014 just like 2018 are not pretty. And so, we expanded family detention. We had then 34,000 beds for family detention, only 95 of 34,000 equipped to deal with families.

They separated families?

Libs have a long history/ habit of blaming others of what they did and done.

He didn’t. He admitted they did the same thing. Just like obama’s CBS interview on the GWOT and Bush being right.

They separated kids when it was suspected they were being trafficked etc…its not the samething…the numbers just dont bear out. Also zero tolerance isnt working either…the issue is deeper than what people want to admit

He didn’t no. But how many threads libs started here accusing Trump for it.

Hell they even posted pictures of kids in kennels when in fact it was 2014.

Johnson is few that own up to it.

For that I have to give him credit.

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Me too. And he would know.


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Obama: separated children from their families when there was a reason to suspect that the child was being trafficked, or questions relating to the relationship.

Trump: separated every family that crossed the border.

It’s exactly the same!

It’s always different when libs do it.

When the policy is actually different… it turns out… that it is different.


Did you read the article?

I did. I’ve also read many other articles about it.

Are you under the impression that your article contradicts my statement?

These 2 guys are trying create equivalency where none exist. You’ll never convince them.

Yes. Definitely.

Ripping babies off the breast is ripping babies off the breast.

How so?

What statement did Johnson make that contradicts what I said?

Killing people is killing people.

Therefore, Laura Bush and Mao are the same.

That they separated and locked kids up.

How does that contradicts what I’ve said?

Under Obama, families were separated under specific conditions, like the ones I mentioned. Under Trump, every single family that crosses the border were separated.

It’s not the same.