(Jan 5) Latest Jobs Report: Two-thirds of new jobs in 2023 went to persons born abroad

Two-thirds seems like a lot. don’t you think?

I wonder what wages would be if that number were more reasonable.
Would it still be a 60-40 economy or does the flood of illegal immigrants keep wages down for the working class?


Supply and demand, increase supply and prices fall. Economics 101.

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Every jobs report is revised way down over the past year.


Young black males wouldn’t have a chance even if they could read.


Shows us that when one floods their nation with over 10 million of the world’s impoverished citizens a portion of them will get low wage dead end jobs.


…and the 1986 Immigration and Reform agreement said it was illegal for a business to knowingly hire illegal aliens. The IRS is supposed to prosecute businesses that do so…how is all of this happening?

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Their echoing many of the things that you have been saying:


well. their plan is working out.


Thus removing any wage leverage held by those citizens who do not have the ability to handle skilled jobs, by flooding the market. This is what the left is offering the poor.


Two thirds of the difference isn’t two thirds of the jobs

The number has steadily risen for decades. Foreign born!!!

Legal immigration!

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:point_up_2:This :point_up_2:

Two thirds of the new job created went to persons born abroad.
1,882knew jobs created.
1,257k of them went to persons abroad.

1,257k is (obviously) far in excess of the number of persons who came here legally on H-1 visas, marriage visas etc…

If “America is creating jobs quickly” no longer feels like “Hooray all of our wages are going up quickly,” this is why. Supply and demand.

Is 1257k number of new hires or new immigrants since December of 22?

The information is right there at the link.

But since you are to busy to click, I’ll click for you.
Since the end of Dec 2022 America added
2,313,000 new persons 16-and-over born abroad
1,257,000 jobs went to such people.

That 1,257,000 is two thirds of all the jobs added to the US economy that year.

That wasn’t my question. I clicked on the link

You stated that the number 1,257k is more than all the legal immigrants that came here. But the 1257k are foreign born new hires not just newly hired immigrants or immigrants with first jobs.

Your misuse of statistics is reaching epic levels.

You are still missing the number that you should be using that would prove all my attempts futile but it’s fun to watch.


GooD nEWs!!??one?!

No I am reading it correctly.
At the end of 2022, there were 29,130k foreign-born persons employed in the US.
At the end of 2023, there were 30,387k foreign-born persons employed in the US,
and increase of 1,257k

By contrast, (denominator) the total number of new jobs in the US was 1,882k.

  • 1,257k is two-thirds of 1,882k.
  • 1,257k is far in excess of the number of legal job seekers who came here legally.
    It is roughly 100k per month.
    It is roughly half the number who come here illegally over the Southern border.

I didn’t say you weren’t reading it correctly. I said you are not applying it correctly. You are misusing the number

Again the number does not represent just new immigrants but all foreign born with a new job. I came here in 92 and if i were hired during the period in question i would be foreign born with a new job. That’s what you are misusing.

Also i want to point out that prior reports show something that you are actually missing which shows an actual problem and shows that your underlying thesis is correct. Take like 5 mins. It’s pretty startling.

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Yes, I recall last month’s report.

I even recall writing this about it.