James Shaw Jr still going above and beyond

You are flailing like a drowning man. Just quit.

The staff, and I’m sure Trump, did know about this. Sara Sanders was asked whether The president was going to reach out to James Shaw Jr. and recognize his heroism considering the president had just welcomed the southwest pilot Tammie Jo Schultz to the Oval Office to recognize her.

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Well, that doesnt’ exactly fit the meme does it?

You were saying?

How exactly is there a disconnect or conflict between the two?

I saw him on Ellen DeGenerass’s show. She contributed some money and so did his favorite basketball player. Surprised Shaw with a visit from his favorite basketball player.

It’s well-documented that Trump regularly tweets about things that were just shown on Fox (especially Fox and Friends). He regularly tweets the things he sees on Fox not long after he sees them, and very often tags Fox and Friends mentioning something he saw them say.

Additionally, the frequency of his tweets ramps up during the time Fox and Friends is on in the morning.

Here are a few sources for your viewing pleasure. I eagerly await your dismissal of the sources for whatever dumb reasons you can imagine.


No, you are just being you: contentious. It really is rather annoying but what can you do?

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If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it.

So the actual answer is “No”.

I call trolls out, don’t like it, don’t troll.

No, the actual answer is “he does it very blatantly and regularly.” I literally just provided 3 sources to that effect, and there are plenty more out there. But I didn’t expect you to actually accept that-quite the contrary, your reaction was exactly what was expected.

You make things personal, but act like it’s an existential crisis when others do so to you.

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None of your citations shows that the POTUS or staff watch every segment aired on F&F.

Of course you wouldn’t think so. Your fealty to Trump is almost unmatched around here, despite your best efforts at trying to convince us to the contrary.

How has Trump been able to tag Fox and Friends over 100 times on Twitter, regularly regarding something they covered that morning, if he doesn’t watch F&F? I never said he LITERALLY WATCHES EVERY SINGLE SEGMENT, but as usual, you tried to beat down that straw man and asked whether I know for a fact he watches every segment. I didn’t say he did-but he is a regular viewer, and his Twitter activity proves that.

And regardless, it’s irrelevant to the point. The Shaw story has made national news for weeks. The WH has been made aware of the story-and he still hasn’t tweeted about it.

Time to stop apologizing for Trump, WR-no more your ■■■■■■■■ trying to wiggle out of pretending you don’t defend him vehemently.

Cite a single post in which I have stated he doesn’t watch the show at all.

Cite a single post where I insisted he watches it every day. You were the one who created that standard, not me.

Stop distracting, as the above is a moot point anyway.

The very fact that, as of today, after which point the WH has directly been made aware of Shaw’s heroism, Trump has yet to directly and personally response to Shaw’s heroism says all we need to know. The Waffle House shooting was MAJOR news, and Shaw’s heroism was MAJOR news, and it’s reprehensible that the president has yet to find 15 second to tweet out condolences to the families, or praise for Shaw, etc.

But hey, don’t worry, he’s got time to name call, get in little tits for tats, whine about #FakeNews, etc. No time to honor this hero.

Let’s start there. That was the post you replied to starting this tirade.

You then doubled down with the next reply.

That should cover it.