James Shaw Jr still going above and beyond

Shaw, the man who reached down deep to find within him what was necessary to take out the shooter at the Waffle house that night is still showing us all how to be better than we are.

Shortly after the shooting he started a “Go Fund Me Page” with the goal of raising 15,000.00 to divide among the victim’s families to help them with the expenses brought on by the tragedy that night.

Todate, thanks to the kindness and charitable hearts Americans are famous for the page has raised over 238,000.

Again, Shaw is setting an amazing example for all of us.


Heard him in an interview on the Urban View on Sirius/Xm the other day. Going above and beyond is what the men of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc. do. Great job and big A Phi to brother Shaw.

I heard about this. Truly inspiring.

I gave 10 bucks to the victims and 10 to Mr Shaw himself.

a shining example of an selfless ATT worker.


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Has Trump yet uttered a single word, either spoken or typed, about this hero?

And you’re right-this guy is truly the type of person we should all aspire to be. Usually when someone like this exists, we should go out of our way to recognize their actions as an example for everyone else to follow. Amazing the WH hasn’t so much as sent out a tweet recognizing his heroism and selflessness.

Greetings my D9 brother.

Same to you.
What org? PBS?

Yes sir. Correct.

Why don’t you write the White House and suggest they recognize him?

It shouldn’t need suggesting.

In case you’re unaware the WH has actual important issues to deal with and something like this just might not even be brought to their attention.


Yeah, that’s it. A shooting that made national news where an unarmed hero stopped the gunman, then went on to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the families of the victims is never brought to the attention of the president? Do you want to know why I have no doubt Trump knows about it? Because James Shaw Jr. Did an interview on Fox and Friends.

He managed to tweet about a big variety of topics that week, as usual, but not this guy? Come on, WR-dont’ tell me your fealty is that strong.

Why don’t you write a letter to the WH suggesting they recognize him?

You know for a fact that the POTUS or WH staff watch every segment aired on Fox? Cite your source.

WR, what is it like to be Trump’s biggest critic while simultaneously defending almost everything he does?


What is is like to be a troll with no life other than spewing hate on the internet?

I’m game. Tell us!

Even for you that’s weak.

That response sounds generic. Can you specify was to which part is weak?