J’Biden’s Racist Administration being sued again for Discriminatory policy

And rightly so

It is not racist to address the consequences of racism.

Simmer down. No one is drinking your milkshake. They’re getting milkshake machines where they weren’t permitted, cuz racists, before.


Sorry, constitutionally, our government is not permitted to engage in racial preferences.

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Getting stuff to where racists wouldn’t let it be, before, isn’t a racial preference. It’s a redress of wrongs.

And I would be as sanguine about the Constitution’s mumness on redress as I would be an whether or not planets are round.

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You’ll be disappointed.

I just about spit out my drink…


Why? Do you need a refresher on the fourteenth?

By ‘originalist’ nonsense? Only as much as anyone is ‘disappointed’ by other kinds of prop comedy. Or ventriloquism.

Need a refresher on slavery and Jim Crow?

Hahahahah Stephen Miller the white nationalist.


Hilarious but on brand for Stephen Miloler

Are they back to pretending they don’t want to restrict legal immigration again? I can’t remember.

Also: lol the SBA has been doing ■■■■ like this for decades.

This is more of a boilerplate ‘if it helps them it must be costing us’.

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The desperation to stay in the news cycle is palpable.

There’s that. But Miller is definitely all the way Camp of the Saints.

Nope, I am good thanks. In response to that nonsense we amended the constitution so it couldn’t be legally done again.

Remember when the Army never had to desegregate…

Damn, do those Japanese need to pay back their reparations?

Never stopped them from 1776 to like now :eyes: