J’Biden’s Racist Administration being sued again for Discriminatory policy

What amendment stopped Jim Crow?

Indeed…for basically 200 years, it was written into law to engage in racial preferences.

Cons think magically, after 200+ years, and ,multiple generations of law backed discrimination, can just brush all that crap off…and get in the game…with nothing holding them back.

And of course, those that think like that…are a huge part of the problem.

I’m sorry, were these damages to individuals ordered to be paid by our courts?

Is there where you start to argue that because there was a single incidence of redress, long long long after the fact, the Constitution never allowed what it clearly allows for?

Why does his colour matter so much to you that you need to point it out.

The dialectic and repressive tolerance in one post; impressive.

Legal immigration always has been and must be “restricted”.

Better doesn’t mean better for everyone.

That’s a Hill article.

That is not what the funds were designated for.

They are of an emergency nature and specific for Covid relief.

This is an inappropriate bait and switch and should be rectified by the courts.

If funding is needed to address the consequences of racism…It should easily stand on its own merit.

This doesn’t make sense in context.

Just because someone or some group gets something does not necessarily mean some other group losses something.

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No? Strange.

ex-Trump aide…all ya need to know…

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stephen miller and his gang didn’t care before when funds were going only to only GOP base. now that biden is putting a corrective action, miller sees a problem. what a joke.

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Stephen Miller- a real humanitarian.

I don’t give a damn who filed it, it needs to be stopped.

It’s not racial discrimination.

Of course it is. Let’s throw open fort knox, white people get to go into the vault first.


Not an issue if I’m already sitting with gold bricks in my hands.

Congrats that makes you one of the select few who don’t view more money as better than less. And I had no idea all the white people had stacks of gold bars.