I've Been Thinking - Policies, Climate Change, Healthcare

So I’ve been thinking. Climate change is a hoax, but I’m willing to spend some treasure to shut the libs up about it.

Healthcare isn’t working.

Housing is a problem.

There are other problems.

The root cause is the same: There’s too many people. We need to reduce the population. So here’s my proposal:

  1. Childless tax credit
  2. No tax credit for more than two children.
  3. Close the borders. Merit based immigration only. Emphasis on younger people with skills we need.
  4. Work visas for our Helots we need for agriculture, domestics, etc. We need to figure out a way to control to it. We can’t have them roaming around loose.
  5. Visa overstays must be addressed aggressively.
  6. Immigration streamlined. It’s 2020.
  7. Free contraception education and medicine. Not in schools, figure out somewhere else.

I’ll think of some other things. Serious contributions welcome.

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There is a problem with automation of entry level positions we need to get a handle on.

What do you base this on? Some people think just the opposite:

Isn’t it obvious? I can see and have common sense.

You have more information than Paul Ryan? He can’t see and doesn’t have common sense?

Thinking of an ethical and tasteful way to encourage risky behavior…Like drug use.



Overcrowding. People living in ant hills. Draining resources. Demand upon demand on systems. The constant need to create to meet demand.

Why do we need to create a million jobs a year (for example)?

He’s a politician.

Caused by too many people all trying to live in the same place. Out where I live it isn’t a problem.

That’s how capitalism works. More, more, more. Without growth it doesn’t work.

No, it isn’t how capitalism works. People don’t have 4 kids because it is profitable in capitalism.


People don’t have kids “because of capitalism,” but growth is essential. Without it, the system falls apart. So what system are you advocating here?

They don’t?

Why is growth essential? How does the system fall apart?

Why isn’t overcrowding a problem where I live? Jobs, mostly. It’s a rural area with a low population and not a lot of opportunities. I work for a company in Minneapolis, but I work from home.

It will be. In economically successful places, transplants flood the area until they overwhelm the local system and turn it into the ■■■■ show they left.

Systems can only handle so much demand.

No one that I know has had kids for that reason. Do you know people who have children to stimulate the economy? :smile:

Really? The stock market, the social safety net, etc., all require growth to work. Or, as Paul Ryan put it:

“Baby boomers are retiring and we have fewer people following them in the workforce. We have something like a 90-percent increase in the retirement population of America but only a 19-percent increase in the working population in American,” he continued. “So what do we have to do? Be smarter, more efficient, more technology … still gonna need more people.”

Good contribution. More working remotely will help.

As noted in my previous post, my rural Wisconsin county is not what I would call “economically successful.”

Agreed. A lot of people where I live work from home or commute 50+ miles to get to offices in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

You’re proving my point. They have more children because they’re selfish. Why does Mr. Save the Environment Sanders have 4 kids?

He’s talking about more to pay in to the government safety nets as are.