It's time to move on


He was a reliable credible source on the Collusion Delusion.


That attack will be dealt with in the indictments that DID come down and they are already public.




Do you think Rod Rosenstein is no longer on “your side?”

If indeed there was something “shady” he would be the first to say so. He has already lost his job and has no reason to cover up for Bill Barr or the President.



They can’t. It’s against the law.

Everyone who was not indicted is entitled to their privacy and everyone who was indicted before a grand jury is entitled to their fair day in court.

Neither of which is possible if you release everything.

That’s why it’s against the law.

Give it up. You will get to see the indicted get tried and that is what you are entitled to see.



The only information that is protected by a law is information presented to the grand jury in seeking an indictment that was not granted.

That’s it.

How much of Mueller’s report do you think the above represents?




Quite a bit!

In addition it is against DoJ regulations for a prosecutor to speak of people NOT indicted and it is also long standing in the ABA prosecutorial guidlines.

Add in all the classified and undercover information and you have a great deal of what it is the report.

What we NEED to know is what we know - who was indicted or pleaded guilty and what will be their dispositions.

Anything else is amounting to gossip that will hurt people who have already paid a HUGE price for simply being tangentially involved in the election of Donald Trump.

It’s time to leave these people alone. Mueller GOT everyone to get.



And can be more fully described by a release of Mueller’s findings. No one here should oppose this. Trump and camp was vindicated. This is a good thing. Now let’s move forward as Americans against our mutual enemy that attacked us. Unity!


My side? You mean following the law?
Well no because then he becomes a whistle blower…

He didnt lose his job.


They will be fully described in court.

Don’t be silly.



Yes, he did lose his job. He is being replaced, and soon.



Lol…and i bet you argee with graham about going after clinton again…


No…he is leaving…you dont know why…that hasnt been reported.


No they won’t. Do you seriously not have any basic understanding of how different a court of law is versus counterintelligence operations? Because it sure seems you lack even basic comprehension of the distinction between the two.


DoJ regulations are not “law”. Neither are ABA guidelines.

Neither are enough to resist a Congressional subpoena.


You CANNOT speak of things that may end up in a court of law for someone else’ case.

MUCH of what is in the report will affect cases in the future.

You are not at all entitled to it, just for your purient interest. These are DoJ and ABA guidlines. Have a little respect for the guidlelines. They are there for a reason.



Anything that is necessary for a conviction will be in the courts, if and when they are tried.

If they are not in the courts then you will NEVER be allowed to see them, as they are dealing with classified methods and means.

You get what is in the courts.



Why are you arguing with me? Just to argue???


He has NO REASON to be quiet, if indeed something is wrong.




Thats your speculation…
Thanks for agreeing that he is leaving…not that he lpst his job…

And fyi…this is a website where we argue things. Like politics and sometimes cake…


Like no collusion. Wait, there’s no argument there.