It's time to move on

Mueller and Barr have given their report. Many of us may not agree with everything, but we should accept it and move on.


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I agree.

Could not agree more.

I don’t disagree. As I’ve stated from the beginning (the very first thread I started on this new forum)…

However, I do believe we need to see as much of the full Mueller report as is possible without compromising national security. We were attacked, and the heart of his investigation was uncovering the method of the attack and the reasons behind it. In order to better defend ourselves in the future, I believe it is paramount to learn everything he learned through the course of his investigation.


Personally I’m fine accepting the report. I do think the public should be able to see the full (redacted of course) report.


When i see the full report ill let it go…till then this loooks shady as ■■■■


We taxpayers paid for this report and we need to see it. Full stop.

No it’s not over…it an’t over until those that are responsible for abuse of power, spying, unmasking etc are brought to justice.


Maybe we can start with Graham, agree, disagree?

Why so you need to know? Don’t you have faith in our government agencies to learn what happened and come up with a plan? What are you going to do if you know how they hacked the DNC? What are the idiots in the house and senate going to do but use every little thing they can twist to their favor for partisan purposes?
I say let the intelligence agencies have their secrets and do their jobs? And let the partisan party before country people hang in the wind. They don’t have a right to know everything. Because no matter what anyone in the DOJ or FBI tells them they are not going to believe it.

No you didn’t, it turned a profit.


Uh huh…thats not gonna happen

Exactly. It pains me to hear the WH beat the drum of how this investigation “wasted $25M of tax payer money only to find Trump innocent”. It also pains me that DHS has disbanded two task force 's that dealt with election security. I want to hear Trump admit that Russia did interfere and I want to see what Kirstjen Nielsen will do about it.


Today in the Oval Office Trump hinted that he will weaponize the DOJ to go after those people he feels were “treasonous”. And if he tries to do that, well he is more stupid then I though he is.
Anyway let me know when the indictments start flying. I won’t hold my breath.

So you don’t want those that abused their power to be investigate and brought to justice?

It’s OK you can admit it.

Today, Fat donald claims he’s willing to release the full report. I say he should release every single page. Full report or bust.

Oh, Trump “admitted” that a long time ago.

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Lets see the full report.

■■■■ that. A reckoning has to come.

■■■■■■■ traitor bastard whiny sore losers.

I didn’t say that. If anyone abused their power and broke the law they should be prosecuted. However Trump should not be instructing the DOJ in a vindictive manner.

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