It's time to move on


Also I want to see Obama’s long form birth certificate, the real one this time.


It won’t be Trump…it will be Barr with senate approval I hope.


Wait - has someone been convicted of treason lately? Why isn’t the news giving us information regarding the conviction? I would think that would be yuuuuuge news.


The fake charges of the last election are over and now it’s time to actually investigate the real charges.


We probably need to see evidence that the whole moon landing thing wasn’t staged as well.


What else would you call opening up a 3 year long investigation into what turned out to be nothing, based on nothing, but propagated by high level officials leaking selective info to accomplice news organizations to blow it all out of proportion?

Traitors. And the people who have been spreading/encouraging it as well.


The hyperbole aside, I’d call it the DOJ doing their jobs.

We don’t prosecute people for doing their jobs in this country.

Well, at least not yet…


Agreed. This will be over when there are executions and citizenships stripped. As long as Democrats remain free we are all slaves. This is the blackest mark in our country’s history.


Agreed, traitors need to be executed ASAP.

This seems to be the trump supporter talking point today. How is this not a direct threat?


What do you mean nothing? It confirmed Russia’s involvement in our election. It has produced indictments and convictions. And I am pretty sure that evidence that was found, but outside the scope of the investigation has been passed along to other agencies to investigate. It is dishonest of this WH to make claim that these monies were spent on “nothing”.


I do not know why the title “Traitors” is used so much these days. The fact is that someone can not be prosecuted for Treason unless they assist a country that we have declared war on. The last person convicted of Treason was Herbert John Burgman for spreading Nazi propaganda.


Why am I not surprised that you quote this President as if he’s a reliable, credible source of facts.

Don’t you remember making fun of Obama for his telling Putin to, “cut it out”?

That was before the election, back before Trump apparently believed that Russia interfered.


I don’t know about “these days” but today, Trump used the word “treasonous” to describe his political foes, you shouldn’t be surprised it was parroted by his supporters here.


As you say, not surprised. Trump has proven many times that he doesn’t have a clue about how our government works.


Feel free to link to the convictions that were the result of tampering with the election.

We’ll wait.


I never said that there were. What is your point?


I’m just glad that Mueller documented how Russia tried to play us. Or played us.


I can see why some would feel it’s time to move on, but I don’t agree.

Simply evading an indictment is not Trump’s win-condition, although he desperately wants that to be so. He fell into this situation because of his own personnel choices and dishonesty.

People who still would bring up Uranium One again in a heartbeat are shamelessly trying to pretend “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” never happened. They’re trying to create a narrative that Mueller just fell out of the sky on top of Trump who was not doing anything suspicious at all, when in reality all the different lies about his firing of an investigator caused his own party to call a special prosecutor on him.

To be frank, I feel it’s a bit too timid to give up without even reading the report. Judicial watch still puts out ads begging for money to investigate the Clinton Foundation. The left should show at least that much determination. It doesn’t have to be the center of a campaign. Go after the economy like usual in 2020. But some of these Trump scandals should remain background noise just as loud as “Lock Her Up” still is.


What happened for your love for Mueller? Did he leave you standing at the altar? :wink:


Like the Obama Administration weaponized the DOJ! I’ll go for that since that means fighting on the same low level of liberal leftist Democrats. You cannot win if you sit on your duff silent looking down from the high moral ground watching the destruction of the country, you need to get down into the filthy liberal mud and engage. This was the problem with GWB who I hold equally responsible for the mess the country is in as much as I do Democrats and Obama!

The Senate should match investigations with the House of Representatives while confirming Federal judges (and hopefully another SC justice) because the House has no intentions of doing “the peoples” work they’ll be doing nothing but impeachment “busy work” so the Senate might as well do some investigation “busy work” of their own to level he playing/battle field.

Sounds like a plan to me!