It's time. Fire Comer and Jordan. Dereliction of duty

Actually no… Hur could not point to an actual crime.

The only thing that he could hang anything on was personal notes and a handwritten memo about Afgan policy… and he doubted that he could make the case that those were not personal notes.

That is what was actually in the Hur report.

If Hur could not point to any actual crime, then there is absolutely no reason for him to write what Joe Biden’s defense would have been. (Biden’s defense would have been “you can’t even pint to an alleged crime.”)

Think about it. Which statement below is sensible, and which is crazy-dumb 100% nonsense
a.) Prosecutor says “You robbed that store and killed that clerk. I was going to prosecute, but this is what your defense will be. . . .”
b) Prosecutor says “Nope you never robbed that store nor shot that man clerk. I cannot point to any crime/. I was going to prosecute you but, no doubt you will claim to have forgotten and that is why I won’t prosecute.”

I know… that part was pretty crazy since he couldn’t point to an actual crime in his report.

Once one reads past the executive summary one can see that Hur couldn’t actually find a crime.

I had not planned to deep-dive on this level but . . .
A pattern of behavior can constitute such things as conspiracy, tampering and obstruction of Justice. Think about it. Does a crime boss say “murder this guy” ordoe he say “take care that problem.”

why in the heck would Hur or any prosecutor decide
"there is no crime.
There was no crime committed.
You did not commit any crime, and I’d prosecute you for absolutely nothing except your defense would be . . . "

That sincerely seems to be what you are arguing and that argument makes less sense than Joe Biden during a senior moment.

I think that Hur was getting a partisan shot in on Biden… that is the only reason for it that I can see… it is kind of a low blow.

But in the Hur report he can’t find a crime. And the one crime that he does consider he dismisses it on that it would likely fall under personal records.

That is what is actually in the report past the executive summary.

Well, I can at lest give you credit for offering a rational alternative explanation as to why Hur wrote what he wrote.

He was handpicked by Merrick Garland (Bidens AG) and it seems odd that Garland would pick someone who would do as you have stated, but at least your explanation has a veneer of plausibility.

I think that Garland picked Hur because he was nominated as Maryland DA by Trump and Garland wanted to show that he was having a conservative appointment investigate Biden to avoid accusations of the report being a whitewash.

I don’t think that he thought that Hur would take a partisan shot…. But unlike Barr… Garland redacted nothing and allowed it to stand.


It seems quite obvious why Comer and Jordan don’t want to pursue the documents matter. Everything they do is calculated to assist the presumptive Republican 2024 nominee and making a stink about violated national security would be a bad look.

except that the supbeona was in violation of house rules.

A very convenient excuse to not have to answer under oath why he was making inquiries about getting a pardon from Trump before he left office.

As I recall the expert on House rules who made this claim was Jim Jordan.

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your memory is as faulty as your opinion. It was Swalwell.

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That is BS…

Here is Jim Jordan’s letter asserting his reasons for ignoring the subpoena, which is the basis for my memory and my opinion.


Hey check it out! On today’s Sunday show!!!

“Comer: I think it’s no secret Joe Biden’s committed many crimes, and I think that you’re going to see a report very soon. That report is imminent.”


He’s got ya now!