It's Supa Toozday!

The day is here. Below article has poll closing times:

The big question mark will be Bloomberg. If he splits the vote from Biden, one could ironically say that Bloomberg helped elect Sanders.

Should be a very consequential night tonight.

10 Super Delegates!

Do I hear 20?

20 Super Delegates!

Going once! Going twice!

To the lovely Kid Sniffer in the back! Come get your prize! :rofl:


Dangit I was just making a Thuuuper tuesday thread.

Anyway, my top two just dropped out, I’m stoned on pain meds from a dental procedure, my polling place is a 5 minute walk away and I’m one of the scorned undecided.


Joe said it was in two days…

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So far bloomberg results are meh

Joe’s gonna have a good night…bernie is gonna have a decent night but people are gonna come home to joe


The early story is about Biden but later with Texas and Cal, Sanders may jump ahead. I heard Bloomberg got six Samoa delegates!

Looks like Bidden is going to lock this up tonight.

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A good California showing from the Commie might more than cancel out all the Biden wins. I am shocked though so far, I remember Sanders was winning a lot of these state polls that Biden is now winning. So will this momentum shift move to California as well.

Bloomberg giving a speech as though he won primaries instead of way behind like he is. Bloomberg bragging about beating Donald Trump when he is about 3rd or 4th place in most states, you ain’t gonna get the chance.

Bloomberg talking to his supporters and he doesn’t sound inspirational at all. He reads without inflection or charisma. Warren & Sanders, while I disagree with their policies at least seem excited when speaking. Eh…Oh well I wonder how his candidacy will end up panning out.

Hopefully he bows out

I think he’s hoping for brokered convention…the promise of spending billions of dollars for down ticket candidates will convince them to nominate him.

Sanders up 27-20 over Biden in Texas with over 20% in. That state has over 200 delegates.

Warren ended him before he even began, honestly.


I would have thought that Bernie would be up more early. Returns from the urban cores come in first, that’s his bread and butter. The suburbs and exurbs will be Biden country.

Bernie takes Colorado. Insert pot joke here.

Hopefully his win margin was really high


Biden takes Oklahoma. This is a wild Super Tuesday.

And I’m back, voted for Bernie because voting for Biden would have ruined the buzz.